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July 18, 2018

In the past few years, manual mode has been used to create many of the Camera Apps for iPhone. With the focus of making better cameras, the manual mode features have improved. To take better pictures, you need to be able to change the camera settings. Here is an overview of some of the best apps for shooting images in manual mode.


Camera+2 allows  photographers complete control over their picture with manual controls to select the precise settings for each shot. Easily shoot in manual mode as you adjust shutter speed, ISO and white balance, for image editing flexibility edit and capture in Raw.  Camera+2 is one of the camera apps for iPhone, and provide an excellent option for taking pictures with manual mode.

  • Stabilizing technology that easily can be used to take a better shot
  • Easily use manual mode to change the shutter speed and ISO
  • Try the shooting mode to detect smiles and shoot for you.
  • Take long exposure shots by tying the slow shutter mode
  • Easily shoot in Raw and edit in the app or on another editing app.


Camera+ apps for iPhone


Halide makes shooting in manual mode simple and pleasant with easy sliders on the top and the side to adjust the ISO and shutter speed. This app is very visually appealing and easy to use with one hand. This app makes manual mode easy and also techy with new features.

  • Smart focus peaking so you don’t have to guess what is sharp. A green outline appears on in focus items
  • For better exposure, tap on the histogram feature that updates in real time
  • Take straight shots with precision with the level grid.
  • Shoot your image in Depth mode and see a Depth map view. Then view the shot in Augmented Reality.

Price: $5.99

Halide camera apps for iPhone

ProCam 5

Easily up your photography game with the manual iPhone app ProCam 5.  This feature provides quality features that can help you take pictures like a SLR Camera. You can easily adjust the manual mode features: white balance, ISO, and shutter speed. Choose different features for night mode video and portrait.

  • Includes a night mode feature where you can choose the shutter speed get a better images
  • Try the burst mode feature for action or continuous shots on your phone.
  • Get the right exposure with the exposure warning showing “Zebra stripes” in areas that are over exposed
  • Turn on subject tracking in the settings to easily track your subject in the frame.
  • Take amazing pictures in low light or long exposure shots with the slow shutter option which allows you take light trails, motion blur shots, and low light images.

Price: $5.99

ProCam camera apps for iPhone


Raw+ is a great manual mode app for beginner iPhone photographers or for professionals. It’s easy to access the always on manual mode features. It’s always on manual exposure and supports RAW format. You can turn on advanced features on the menu mode

  • The fully visible histogram makes getting the right colors easy.
  • Expose correctly with the shadow and highlight warning features that show up on your screen
  • Shoot images and save in RAW or RAW+JPG.
  • Get a level image with the level toggle that tells you if you are level or how many degrees you are off.

Price: Free

RAW+ camera apps for iPhone


VSCO is a great resource if you want to take better pictures.  The VSCO camera provides additional manual mode options and is free. In manual mode, it is easy to shoot in raw. RAW files are not compressed so you’re able to create higher quality images. JPG images are compressed and some of the image information is lost. The other camera apps for iPhone can help you improve your mobile photographs.

  • Easily adjust the white balance
  • Change the exposure compensation quickly and easily
  • Use DSCO to create a moving GIF that can be shared on the app or saved
  • Try the split focus and exposure tool

VSCO camera apps for iPhone

Try one or all these camera apps for iPhone for enhanced photography options on your phone. It may take a little bit of practice and trial and error to learn the new technology. If you are an android user, the next blog post will be about manual mode Android apps.

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