5 Tips For How to Shoot an Amazing Selfie


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June 20, 2018

Have you ever had a challenge taking a good selfie? Here are some simple inside and outside tips for how to shoot an amazing selfie. It will take some practice to get it to look great.

1. Snap a Better Selfie by Facing the Window

When photographing inside the best source of natural light is window light.  As you approach the window, notice the angles and colors. When taking a selfie, the best option is to face the window and place your hand between the window and yourself. Using natural light brightens and softens your features and provides natural colors more accurately than artificial light.  When working inside with natural light the more light on the subject, the better. To create more artistic effects, play with angles from natural light and the shadows.

2. Turn Off the Light

Taking a selfie with the light on will cast uneven shadows across your face. Turn off the light and find some natural light.  This will improve your image and will decrease the glare and shadows that may cover your face. Also turn off the flash if you can help it. If you have a manual mode or pro mode on your phone then you can increase the ISO to have more control over the light and create better image.

3. Try New Angles

Trying new angles is the best way to get the perfect selfie.  Taking a picture straight on will show you in your natural state and all features will be as they look naturally. Taking a picture from your good side can make you look better and is great for taking good selfies. Getting a closer image is the key to great selfies as your features fill the image. Practice your favorite angles and see which one works best.

Finding the best angle to take a selfie takes practice. Experiment with every angle to find the best one. A little above your nose is usually the best spot to take a selfie because it doesn’t distort the eyes or the forehead. Choosing what angle of your face to photograph can improve the your selfie. Try different angles and different sides of your face to find your favorite. Often times tilting your head a bit can greatly improve your image.

Selfie Mobile Photography

4. Seek to Share Emotion

Before taking the selfie, think of what emotions you are trying to portray. Are you trying to show how happy you are or are you trying to show calm and natural? If you struggle to get the perfect smile then set the timer and count to three and wait until the shutter clicks to smile. This will help you have a natural smile. Also try different ways of taking a selfie. This could be taking a silhouette.  The first step is to place your subject in front of the light source.  Place your hand into the light source making yourself  dark. This creates a somber emotion and is a creative way to show how you are feeling.

5. Where Should You Hold Your Phone When Taking a Selfie

It is said by many people that taking a selfie from above or at a 45 degree angle is the best way to take a selfie. This is a great approach and it works great for groups or images where you want to show the background. One thing to note is that whatever is closer to the lens will look bigger in the image. This can create slightly distorted eyes, forehead, or chin.

When taking a selfie note, that centering the camera drop dead in the middle will show all your features exactly as they look in real life. This is why drivers licenses, and passport photos are taken this way. This may be realistic but may not be the most flattering or creative approach.

Selfie Cell Phone Photography

Trying gear may be a helpful way to create better selfies. Use a timer or a tripod to take better pictures. Also if you are doing a vlog using a stabilizer will help you take great images. You can easily print out your selfies with a Polaroid or Kodak printer.

Joby MPod Mini Stand FrontKodak Mini 2 Photo Printer Black

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