5 Ways to Take Halloween Photos of Kids With Your Phone

Halloween Photos Mobile Phone

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October 24, 2018

Taking Halloween photos of kids is one of the highlights of the Fall and a great way to capture memories that can last for years. The sun going down earlier provides an excellent opportunity to take amazing shots in the late afternoon. With fall colors and the harvest you can get the perfect setting your Halloween photos.

Before the Big Night

Halloween is such an exciting night for everyone especially kids. The earlier they can go trick or treating the happier they are. Often trying to take pictures of the costumes is a rush and the pictures don’t turn out great. Usually kids are so excited that they are not happy with the time it takes to take the right shot. Planning a dress rehearsal is a great way to have a fun environment for kids and a effective way to get a great shot. Plan the dress rehearsal so that you can take the pictures in the late afternoon when the light is the best. By doing a dress rehearsal they can play in their costume and you can take great candid and planned shots.

Mobile Photography Halloween Photos

Tell the Story

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is deciding what you want to be for Halloween. It takes brainstorming and coming up with ideas. The best part is finding or making the costume. To enhance the story take pictures in the process. If you go to the store to purchase the costume, take a picture of their face of and the costume they picked out at the store. Take pictures of them trying on the costume for the first time. Capture them as you put on makeup. You can create lasting memories by taking pictures of your kids in each moment.

Halloween Photos of Kids

Put the Characters in the Perfect Setting

Taking pictures with your phone is so easy and we have our phones with us at all times. Sometimes it is important to spend a little more time planning the shot. To enhance your kids experience and pictures, take them to a place that relates to their costume. If they are a pirate, take them to a beach or a lake to take shots. If they are a farmer take them to a field to take the shot. This will give you great Halloween photos of your kids that will last for years.

Halloween photos cell Phone

Focus on the Details

Costumes are made up of so many amazing details that often get forgotten. We forget how long it took us to find or make the sparkly red shoes in Dorothy’s costume. It makes it real to capture the details of the S on the Superman costume. To get a great shot, zoom in tight and create imaginative, magical moments. Capture the magic by taking shots of the little things.

Halloween Photos Costume

Get Great Light

One of the advantages of taking Halloween shots this time of year is that the lighting looks so nice. You can easily miss the harsh daylight by shooting in the late afternoon. Taking pictures on your porch before the darkness descends is a great way to take chronicled images year after year. You can then see how much your child has grown year after year. Taking pictures at golden hour and twilight present great opportunities for rich colors.

Save and Share Your Halloween Memories

Nowadays we take so many pictures that they are just stuck on our phones for years to come and go into picture oblivion. They get lost and we never see them again. Kids can’t easily see the pictures from the past and that is sad. To keep these memories, you can easily print them out with a with Polaroid Zip or Kodak Mini. Kids can share their Halloween pictures with friends and family easily. They can also have a memento to keep the memory of Halloween alive.

Taking Halloween photos of kids with your phone is a great way to save memories for years. Try these tips for great pictures. The keys to great Halloween photos are the same tools that are used to get good composition in mobile photography so keep in mind the basics.

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