How to Shoot Pictures on a Phone with AE/AF Lock

AE/AF Lock Mobile Photography

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April 25, 2018

What Is AE/AF Lock?

The AE/AF lock stands for auto exposure and auto focus. The auto exposure adjusts the brightness of the image and, the auto focus adjusts the sharpness of a photo.  Locking the focus means that you are setting the focus and exposure to a specific point. This can enhance your mobile photography by getting the correct exposure for your image. Also, when taking pictures of subjects that are static may be blurry, and affected by changing conditions in light or activity. This feature is also important if you are taking images in low light or there is high contrast in light conditions. When you have locked the focus you shouldn’t change the distance between the subject and the camera or, your image will be blurry.

How use AE/AF Lock?

  1. Open up the camera from the camera app
  2. Tap the screen to focus and expose your image
  3. Hold on your focal point until you see an AE/AF Lock banner on the screen, to lock exposure and focus.
  4. Press the shutter button to take a photo
  5. To unlock, tap anywhere on the screen

When to Use

  • The Off Centered Shot

If your subject is placed off-center in the frame with a distant image in the background, your phone will try to guess where to focus. Your default camera mode will focus on the center of the picture. The image will show a sharp background and a blurry subject in the foreground. You can lock the focus on the subject and , you can recompose the shot and shoot. Then your image will be crisp and clear.

  • Busy Background Scene

If there is any movement in the background of your image,the auto focus on your phone will switch the focus of the subject to the moving object. For example if you see a person, car, or if there is any moment the camera will refocus on that subject changing the story of the image. To improve the image lock the image, and if the exposure is not great you can brighten or darken the image with the exposure slider.

  • Portraits

The AE/AF lock button lets you correctly expose for any area of a scene. Therefore, when you use the AE/AF lock, the scene will stay focused on the same area when you recompose. Also, when taking a mobile photo of a subject who is outside, the cell phone meter may be tricked by the bright sky and try to reduce the exposure. To test your exposure you can zoom in to the subject and lock the exposure. Then you can zoom out and take the image with the correct exposure.

  • Macro photography

To get close-up macro photography, an add on macro lens is the best way to get good results. The olloclip 4-in-1 lens is a great lens for macro photography. In macro photography it is normal to get a for minimal portion of the image to be in focus and the background to appear blurred. Macro images often show a shallow depth of field. Even the slightest movement can bump the image out of focus. Using a tripod to stabilize your shot will help you get clean crisp images.  Next, to solve this problem compose the shot and then tap on the part you want to focus and lock the focus.

  • Animal and Wildlife Photography

First of all, when shooting images, getting animals in focus is challenging.  To create great image set up your camera on a tripod and wait till your subject enters the image. You will want to use the AE/AF lock to focus on where you want them to appear. This may be leaving a treat for an animal and focusing on that spot. You can use the timer app for 10 seconds.  It may scare away animals in the process. To solve this problem us a remote shutter release button from a far distance.

By using AE/AF lock there are many possibilities for great shots. You can enhance your macro photography, panorama shots, video, and portraits. Lastly, getting the right exposure can be challenging but, this feature can help you get great shots every time.

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