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January 9, 2019

Snapseed is the best app for photo editing. With different filters, looks, and tools it is easy to become overwhelmed when trying to make simple edits. Here is step-by-step instructions on how to use the best app for photo editing. We will walk you through how to use some of the main tools in Snapseed. This tutorial will go through how to edit an image to add details, curves, and white balance.

Tune Image

The first step to editing an image in Snapseed is to tune the image. By following this step you can enhance the overall appearance and quality of the image. The first icon is a graph looking icon on the lower left side of the image, tap this to show a histogram. The next editing tool is settings which includes, adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambience, highlights, shadows, and warmth. The magic wand tool is auto correction. Lastly, tap on the checkmark button when you are done editing the image. Here is a detailed explanation about the editing features.

Snapseed Editing App

Menu Settings

  • Brightness- exposure of the image. You can increase or decrease the light in the image by sliding right or left.
  • Contrast- the color contrast and refers to the difference in tone throughout the image. The goal is to have a balance of contrast throughout the image. If there are any harsh shadows then adjust the contrast till the shadows are even.
  • Saturation- the intensity or vibrancy of the hue or the color, to increase the intensity slide to the right. To quickly create a black and white image you can slide the saturation to “0”.
  • Ambiance- controls the balance of light in throughout the image. If an image is backlit then increasing the ambiance can create balance throughout the photo. Slide right if the subject is darker than the background. This will increase the light on the subject. To make dark images more defined and stand out, slide left to decrease the contrast. If your image is slightly flat, this feature will add flare.
  • Highlights- are the bright features in an image. If an image is dark you can quickly improve the image by increasing the highlights.
  • Shadows-  can easily be adjusted by sliding right or left. Try to use this feature to create balanced shadows on subjects.
  • Warmth- color theory has both warm and cool tones. A cloudy sky will create an image that naturally has cool tones. This often looks unrealistic. Therefore, adjust the warmth of your shot by sliding left and right.
  • Adjust Details- this includes adjusting the structure and sharpening. If your image is slightly flat or out of focus, these features can increase the detail and texture of the image.Best App Mobile Snapseed

Using Curves

Learning how to use the curve tool may take some time but it is a very important Snapseed tool. The curve tool allows you to adjust the exposure, light, and tone of the image . You can manually adjust and manipulate different parts of the image. When you drag down it decreases the exposure. When you drag up it increases the exposure. The curve is created in three sections, the bottom ⅓ adjusts the shadows, the middle 1/3 alters the mid tones, and the top ⅓ adjusts the highlights. To add contrast, alter the three sections in curve to create a “S.” Snapseed is the best app for photo editing because you can quickly edit curves on and mobile image.

Snapseed Best app Photo Edits

White Balance

Color changes depending on the light of where the object is viewed. Our eyes have an amazing ability to adjust to different light situations. Mobile phones need to manually adjust for white balance. You can easily do this in Snapseed tools by tapping on the white balance feature. You can adjust the temperature and tint of the image. The temperature is the measure of the light’s color on the image. Tint is the mixture of color with white.

Snapseed White Balance

Adjust the Image Size and Rotation

Altering the image is often what is necessary to create a great shot. You can easily crop, rotate, adjust the perspective, and expand the image. These are simple edits that can be made at any time. Having these tools easily accessible makes Snapseed the best app for photo editing.


Cropping is easy and any image can be cropped, but if you are using it on social media or other places, it is nice to know what the cropping ratios mean.

  • Free- where you can set the aspect ratio top to bottom or right to left. Your image can be any ratio.
  • Original- the ratio based on what the original image was taken in.
  • 1:1- This ration will create a square image.
  • DIN- The European standard for aspect ratios (Example A4, A3, etc.)
  • 3.2- The aspect ratio that is usually used with D-SLR Camera’s
  • 4:3- The ratio that is often used for screen and video
  • 5:4- The ratio which is used for many US page sizes. This works well for 8×10, or 16×20 page sizes
  • 16:9- The aspect ratio that is used for most video and TV displays.Snapseed Crop

Rotate, perspective and expand

The last Snapseed tools that I will cover in this article are rotate, perspective, and expand. The rotate feature makes it easy to switch an image from vertical or horizontal, you can also mirror the image. Easily adjust slanted lines by sliding left or right to straighten the image by degrees. Next,use perspective to change the tilt, rotate, scale or free to alter the view of the image. Perspective provides many creative editing possibilities for your shot. If the image background was not large enough, just tap on Expand  to digitally expand the image. The expand feature may look digitally manufactured due to the nature of the filter. I recommend using the expand feature in very rare instances.

Snapseed Expand

Snapseed is the best app for photo editing due to the many tools and features that it includes. Quickly change a flat, underexposed image into something that you can share with others. Check out our blog for additional tips on tricks for photo editing.

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