How to Edit Food Photos with the Foodie App

How to Edit Food Photos with the Foodie App

The Foodie app especially for taking stunning pictures of food. This app works great if you are taking many pictures of food or products. If you are a true foodie this app will help you take and share great pictures of food. The Foodie App is available for free on Android and iOS.

Foodie App Review

Foodie App Camera

In the Foodie app you can take a picture instantly or edit the photo after. If you want to take quick food photos begin by opening up the app. You’ll see the camera option opens up instantly. There you will be able to choose filters and choose settings. In the top left corner, there is a circle with 3 dots. This icon opens up additional options you can choose. You can choose to add a blur, grid, set a timer, add a flash or reset settings. Tap on the center icon to change the size of the image from square to rectangle. To switch from the back camera to the selfie camera tap the circle with the arrow’s icon.

Foodie Editing App
On the bottom menu, you can choose from photo or video to take your shot. Next, you can choose to add an effect. The effects are just for pictures of people where you can adjust the skin, chin, eye, and nose. This app works for selfies, but I recommend using PicsArt for better selfie features.

Lastly, you can add filters specifically for food by tapping on filters and then choosing the food option. The Foodie App brings a vast variety of features that will enhance your food photography.

How To Take Food Photos

How to Edit Photos with the Foodie App

To begin editing a photo in the Foodie app tap on “Edit” on the left side on the bottom menu. Then tap edit to get into the editing home screen. On the bottom of the screen, you can choose from filters, adjust, and recipe. In the filter section, you can choose filters from favorites, recommended, selfie, and food. Slide left to right to choose more filter options. In this app, my go-to filters are under the food section. There you can choose from different settings that will enhance your food photography.

To edit, tap on the filter, then choose to decrease the filter with the slider. You’re also able to adjust many editing features like brightness, contrast, saturation, color, etc. If you like the look of the filter then tap on “Add to recipe” to save the features. Then the next time you want to quickly edit a photo you can go to recipes and add the same filters. This is a great feature if you do product photography. Because then you can have the right coloring for all your photos.

The last step is to save and share your image. After you edited your photo tap save and your image will be instantly saved to your photo album. If you want to share your image with friends tap on the upload arrow in the bottom left corner. Then a popup will share social networks you can share your image on.

 Apps To Edit Food


The Foodie App is a very simple app and is very easy to use. This app includes a simple camera feature and editing options to get great food photography. It does the job well for food photography. I recommend this app to anyone who wants an easy to use the app for food with minimal bells and whistles.

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Free Ebook- A Beginners Guide to Photo Editing With Snapseed

Free Ebook- A Beginners Guide to Photo Editing With Snapseed

Do you want to improve your mobile photography quickly? Photo editing can be one of the quickest ways to improve your photos. Now that you are beginning to learn how to take photos with your phone. There is so much to take in, taking photos, composition, and editing. It is hard to know where to start.

Here is a brand new Ebook that will teach you how to edit your photos using the free app Snapseed. You will instantly be able to edit and share better photos with friends and family.

Snapseed Editing App

This ebook will introduce you to the App Snapseed which is available on both Android and IOS. It is one of the most used editing apps for mobile photography and is very easy to use.  In the beginning don’t worry about learning everything. Just focus on a few simple steps to automatically edit your photos.

Tonal Contrast

History of Photo Editing

Now let’s discuss what photo editing. Photos since the 1860’s have been edited to improve the image. This was done by hand with negatives in the past. In the 1980’s Adobe Photoshop was created to help photographers and designers improve their images. Recently in 2011 the first photo editing apps on the phone were created. Now you can edit any photo on your phone and create photoshop quality edits.

Snapseed was created in 2011 and only had a few filters when the app came out. It was quickly purchased by Google in 2012. It is considered one of the top 100 apps for Android in 2019 by PC Magazine. Snapseed is widely used to create simple auto edits to advanced image editing.

We will discuss how to start editing, to add looks, auto edit and how to view edits and how to save a photo. Take a moment to get your phone out and download this ebook and the editing app Snapseed and come learn with us.

How To Edit Snapseed Photos

Take a minute to try these tips to become a great smartphone photographer. Want more inspiration? Here are some additional resources that can help you:

Give those tips a read and you’ll be ready to take better pics.

How to use the Prisma App to Make Your Photos Look Like Artwork

How to use the Prisma App to Make Your Photos Look Like Artwork

The Prisma App is one of the best editing apps for a smartphone with its easy to use menu and features. This app is free for anyone who wants to get creative with smartphone photography editing. If you are an iPhone or Android user you can download the app at the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store. Here are some easy tips on how to use the Prisma Photo editor to make your photos look like stunning artwork.

Best for: Transforming your photos into an artistic look. Quickly choose your favorite style. Prisma Editing App is one of the top editing apps on Android and IOS. It is Google’s Editor’s choice apps for enhancing creativity and expression. Use your photo to add filters that look like it is a painting by Picasso. You can choose from many artistic styles in the art library. Prima has the largest collection of artistic styles compared to other apps. They add new art filters daily.

Prisma Editing Filters

Prisma App Special Features

● Artistic Styles: Try over 300 art styles with the largest collection of art styles to choose from.
● Creator’s community: Join the community to share your art. Find beautiful pictures created by other artists.
● New filters daily: See what new editing options there are with new art filters added daily.
● Available for IOS and Android | Free | Optional: monthly subscription $4.99, annual $19.99

Prisma Photo Editing App Tips

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make photos look like artwork? With the Prisma photo editing app, you can make your pics look like famous paintings. artificial intelligence, you can apply the artistic styles of gothic art, a mosaic, or anime. This is one of the best editing apps for a smartphone with its easy to use menu and features. This app is free for anyone who wants to get creative with smartphone photography editing. If you are an iPhone or Android user you can download the app at the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store. Here are some easy tips on how to use the prima Photo editor to make your photos look like stunning artwork.

Prisma Photo Editing App

Using the Main Screen Prisma

When you open up Prisma you can access the camera to take a picture or tap on the gallery to choose a picture. The main feature of the app is the bottom menu where you can choose from different artistic filters.

Prisma App Library

On the left side of the menu is the library option. This is where you can choose from hundreds of artistic filters. The filters with the plus sign are free. You can upgrade to a paid version to unlock all features. As you tap on the filter you can choose to add that filter to favorites. In the top menu bar, you can toggle from art styles to favorites. This is a great way to see your favorites. Another way to view your favorites is to go back to the main menu on the bottom menu you will see filters.


Each day a new filter is created. This is a free demo filter that you can try for that day. You can also choose a filter from your favorites. As you slide left your favorites will appear. Some filters will work better for different styles. A portrait may work better if you are using a Picasso themed filter and a landscape may be better if you are using the golden hour filter.

Prisma App Selfie

Adjustment Settings

One of the best features in the Prisma Photo App is that you can adjust filter strength on the image. You can do this by sliding left or right to increase or decrease the effect. You can begin editing the image by tapping on the middle icon to adjust the settings. Then you can alter the exposure, contrast, brightness, saturation, vibrance, gamma, sharpen, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint, and vignette. These edits can enhance your photo and add a personalized touch to each image.

Prisma App Editing

How to Upload and Save an Image

To share your image that you edit try using the Prisma Editing App. Tap on the upload option to share the image to the Prisma feed. You’ll also be able to add a caption to your artwork and then post. There are other options for sharing where you can instantly share your image to Instagram, Facebook, and Save your photo to your photos.

Prisma Smartphone App


Here are some tips on how to make your photos look like artwork with the Prisma Editing App. This editing app has endless creative possibilities for artistic photos. Begin by choosing a filter from the library or the menu. Then adjust the filter strength and go deeper by adjusting the settings. Lastly, save and share your photo.

How To Take Stunning Thanksgiving Dinner Photos With your Phone

How To Take Stunning Thanksgiving Dinner Photos With your Phone

Taking pictures of Thanksgiving Dinner with a phone can be hard to capture and somewhat overwhelming. Here are a few tips to savior those moments and also capture them quickly and easy. On Thanksgiving, we are so busy eating that we forget to capture each moment. Taking pictures of the food, family, and friends can make your holiday better this year.

One of the hardest parts about taking pictures of Thanksgiving Dinner is getting the right shot of the meal. You may spend all day in the kitchen with nothing to show after. It is sad to not capture the beauty of the moment. Here are some quick tips to get great food and family photography.

Get Close to The Detail

When taking photos of food, capturing every detail is the key. Get close to show the detail and beauty of all the food. Frame the shot so the food fills the image and you are able to capture the appetizing delight in the photo. Each dish has been prepared carefully so take the time to get every detail in your shot.

Cell Phone Thanksgiving Photography

Shoot From Above

Capture the shape and feel and picture of Thanksgiving Dinner by shooting from above. This creates shape and color contrast in your photo. Shooting from above shows the story and is very popular on Instagram and social media. Arrange your setting with a table top view or just one plate of food. You may want to use a nice tablecloth, and set the table so it looks beautiful. Then shoot from above the image by standing. Please take note that getting your phone to lay straight may be a challenge. You may think the image is parallel but it may be slightly tilted, review your shot to make sure the shapes are as displayed.

The iPhone has a little cross hair feature that match up when shooting from above to help you get your image straight. Other apps like Lightroom mobile and manual modes often have a bar that helps you know if your camera is level.

Smartphone Pictures Thanksgiving

Take the Picture by a Window

When taking pictures inside it is important to position the shot next to natural light. Although, turning on the light can bring the added light to make the image light, it can cast strange shadows and unflattering colors to the shot. The natural light from the window will add great light and diffuse the image. To improve the shot, you may want to use a white poster board as a reflector.

Thanksgiving Pictures Smartphone

Lighting Tips

If you are in an area where it is dark and there is no natural light nearby. You can turn the flashlight on your friend’s phone and place a Kleenex over the light to diffuse the light and make it less harsh. This will give your shot the light it needs to look great. You can also try portable lights that will help you take better pictures. The Litra Torch is an excellent small light that can fit into your pocket and has three options for better light.

Thanksgiving Mobile Photos

The Family Shot

Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving Dinner without taking some family and friend shots. To do this easily and quickly set your phone on a tripod and use a Joby Impulse remote for taking the shot. The timer works but sometimes people are rushing to get into the shot and are not prepared. You can have control over the shot with a remote.

Taking pictures of Thanksgiving Dinner with your phone can take some planning and practice but it is an excellent way to share that moment with your friends and family for years to come. It may be capturing Aunt Jane’s famous potatoes to remember and to pass down the recipe. With these tips you can quickly take great shots. Please check out these blog posts for more information on how to take amazing pictures with your phone. For tips delivered to your inbox subscribe to

Thanksgiving Dinner Mobile Photos

Please check out these blog posts for more information on how to take amazing pictures with your phone.

Top 5 Unique Food Photography Tips for Mobile

How to Easily Take Fantastic Overhead Photography with a Phone

How To Be Creative with Your Mobile Photography- Angles

Edit Like a Pro With PicsArt

Edit Like a Pro With PicsArt

PicsArt is one of the best ways to edit photos like a pro? PicsArt is one of the best editing apps for iPhone and Android. This next-level editing app comes with outstanding tools to create endless possibilities to bring life to your photos.

We understand that learning PicsArt can take time due to having so many editing options. We picked out a few of the features that will help you become an editing pro in no time. These tips discussed in this post include, how to add and edit text, add a photo, fit an image to the right size. In this article, you’ll learn how to improve an image with brushes and add a border.

Click here to Learn How to Make Your iPhone Photos Brighter?

Text Options PicsArt

Editing Like a Pro with PicsArt by Adding Text

To add text tap on the text button to input the text you want on your image. You can choose to have the text centered, or aligned right or left. After you type in the text, tap on the checkmark to continue to edit the font, color, and size.

First, choose the font, tap on the up arrow to see the fonts in the main screen. To see fonts in action, slide left to right to see the sample. Increase the size slide on the double arrow icon on the main screen to create a bigger font. Create text in two lines to tap on the line icon at the end of the text.

Next, adjust the color by choosing the color under the color menu setting. Choose a color from the list or tap on the rainbow circle icon to customize the color. Tap on the eyedropper to choose a color from the image. A bulls-eye will appear and where you move the dropper the color will change to the area with the center dot. After you have selected the color, you can edit the gradient to show two colors. Add some excitement by adding texture and patterns to your image. If you want to add an additional image in the text tap on the photo icon. Then you can add a photo from your library. To enhance your text add a stroke, adjust the opacity and blend.

Edit Like Text a Pro With PicsArt

Add a Photo on PicsArt

To create a collage or double exposure tap on the add an image. To create a double exposure tap on the add photo option to choose the image. Then decrease the opacity from the menu options. Tap blend to choose how the image will blend into the background image. You can also crop, create a cutout of the added image, add effects or adjust the image. With these features, you’ll have endless creative possibilities.

Color Selector PicsArt

Fit a Photo to a Specific Size

The next option on the main screen is the fit option. This is great if you are going to post your image on social media. First, you’ll want to adjust the ratio. There options to choose the exact sizes for social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. To expand the image pinch your fingers and then pull away to increase the size.

PicsArt Editing App

Get Creative with Brushes in PicsArt

Brushes are one of the best ways to edit like a pro with PicsArt. Get creative by brushing on color, glitter, hearts, rainbows, stars, and flowers. This is a great way to make a picture of your BFF more fun and exciting. There are endless possibilities for adding a fun touch to your images with a variety of brush options.

How To Use Brushes PicsArt

Add a Border

Borders can add a finished touch your pictures. To edit like a pro in PicsArt tap on the border option to choose the inner and outer border. Next, tap on the color to select a custom color. Then adjust the slider right and left to increase or decrease the outer and inner border. Then adjust the opacity. To create, a round border in the inner border tap on the outside menu option on the bottom. Then you can choose the rounded corner radius to create a rounded border.


In this post, we discussed tips on the best ways to edit like a pro with PicsArt. These tips include how to add and edit text, add a photo, fit an image to the right size. In addition, you will learn how to improve an image with brushes and add a border. You’ll be able to create endless possibilities for your images and enhance them so you can share them with friends and family on social media.

How do I make my iPhone Photos Brighter?

How do I make my iPhone Photos Brighter?

Learning how to create iPhone photos that are brighter can be challenging. With everyone having a phone we all take a lot of photos. Sometimes they turn out clear and other times they lackluster. Do the faces in your photos seem too dark? Adjusting the brightness of the images is possible on your iPhone camera app, the iPhone photo editor, and an external app Snapseed. These tips and tricks will help you take bright pictures that you will want to share.

How do I make my Phone Photos Brighter

How do I make my iPhone Photos Brighter while taking a picture?

Creating iPhone photos that are brighter takes some knowledge of the features on your iPhone. Have you ever walked outside and it is too bright? Or have you ever stepped into a dark room where everything seems pitch black and you can’t see anything? Then your eyes adjust and you can see clearly again. That is how exposure works. The black part of the eye is the pupil and the iris opens and closes to let more light in. If you step in a dark room your pupils will open more to let in more light in and when I step into the sun my eyes adjust and the pupil gets smaller to let less light in. Our eyes need a particular setting. When we move from one lighting to another it takes time for our eyes to adjust.

iPhone Photos Brighter

Tap on the Image to Adjust the Light

Explore each smartphone touch screen by just tapping anywhere on the screen to adjust the exposure. By tapping on a dark portion, the image will instantly become brighter. Tap on a light part and the shot will become darker. The trick is to find the right spot where your phone will have lights and darks are even. There are no blinding lights and black blobs in your image.

Adjust the Exposure

Getting the right picture is more than just tap focus, and shoot. Exposure is one of the key elements to getting a great image. On a phone, focus the image and a sun or a light bulb image will appear. On the iPhone, the sun appears next to the focused area. Just slide up or down on the image to adjust the exposure.

How iPhone Photos Brighter

In the iPhone Photos App

To make your iPhone photos brighter first open the iPhone photos app. Then select a picture and tap on the edit button. To begin slide the circle menu to the left to see the brightening options. These options include adjusting the exposure, brilliance, highlights, shadows, and contrast. First tap on the plus and minus icon. This feature increases the brightness (or exposure). Slide right to increase the exposure and left to decrease the exposure. Next, add brilliance to increase the contrast of the colors. Add brightness to a photo by increasing the highlights and decreasing the shadows. Enhance the clarity by increasing the contrast. Then tap on brightness to increase the light in the image. Tap done to save your image.

Brighten iPhone Photos Using Snapseed

The first step to brighten an iPhone image in Snapseed is to tune the image. By following this step you can enhance the overall appearance and quality of the image. The first icon is a graph looking icon on the lower left side of the image, tap this to show a histogram. The next editing tool is settings which include adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, shadows, and warmth. The magic wand tool is auto-correction. Lastly, tap on the checkmark button when you are done editing the image.

Snapseed editing app tutorial


  •  Brightness- exposure of the image. You can increase or decrease the light in the image by sliding right or left.
  •  Contrast- the color contrast and refers to the difference in tone throughout the image. The goal is to have a balance of contrast throughout the image. If there are any harsh shadows then adjust the contrast till the shadows are even.
  • Saturation- the intensity or vibrancy of the hue or the color, to increase the intensity slide to the right. To quickly create a black and white image you can slide the saturation to “0”.
  • Ambiance- controls the balance of light in throughout the image. If an image is backlit then increasing the ambiance can create balance throughout the photo. Slide right if the subject is darker than the background. This will increase the light on the subject. To make dark images more defined and stand out, slide left to decrease the contrast. If your image is slightly flat, this feature will add flare.
  • Highlights- are the bright features in an image. If an image is dark you can quickly improve the image by increasing the highlights.
  • Shadows- can easily be adjusted by sliding right or left. Try to use this feature to create balanced shadows on subjects.
  • Warmth- color theory has both warm and cool tones. A cloudy sky will create an image that naturally has cool tones. This often looks unrealistic. Therefore, adjust the warmth of your shot by sliding left and right.
  • Adjust Details- this includes adjusting the structure and sharpening. If your image is slightly flat or out of focus, these features can increase the detail and texture of the image.


In this article, we discussed some tips to help you create iPhone photos that are bright. Try these four tips to create better pictures. First, tap on the image to adjust the light, then adjust the exposure. Then in the iPhone photos app edit the photo to add light to the photo. Lastly, brighten the iPhone picture using Snapseed. These tools will help you improve any photo.

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