How To Photograph Kids Halloween Costumes with a Phone

How To Photograph Kids Halloween Costumes with a Phone

Photographing kids in Halloween costumes is something you won’t want to miss out on due to poor planning or little time. The memories of Halloween are one of the highlights of the Fall. It is a great way to capture memories that can last for years. The sun going down earlier provides an excellent opportunity to take amazing shots in the late afternoon. With fall colors and the harvest, you can get the perfect setting for your Halloween photos.

Before the Big Night

Halloween is such an exciting night for everyone, especially kids. The earlier they can go trick or treating, the happier they are. Often trying to take pictures of the costumes is a rush and the pictures don’t turn out great. Usually, kids are so excited that they are not happy with the time it takes to take the right shot. Planning a dress rehearsal is a great way to have a fun environment for kids and an effective way to get a great shot. Plan the dress rehearsal so that you can take the pictures in the late afternoon for better lighting. By doing a dress rehearsal they can play in their costume and you can take great candid and planned shots.

Smartphone Photography Halloween photos

Tell the Story

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is deciding what you want to be for Halloween. It takes brainstorming and coming up with ideas. The best part is finding or making a costume. To enhance the story take pictures in the process. If you go to the store to purchase the costume, take a picture of your kids excitement with their new costume. Take pictures of them trying on the costume for the first time. Capture them as you put on makeup. You can create lasting memories by taking pictures of your kids at each moment.

Halloween photos cell Phone

Put the Characters in the Perfect Setting

Taking pictures with your phone is so easy and we have our phones with us at all times. Sometimes it is important to spend a little more time planning the shot. To enhance your kids experience and pictures, take them to a place that relates to their costume. If they are a pirate, take them to a beach or a lake to take shots. If they are a farmer take them to a field to take the shot. This will give you great Halloween photos of your kids that will last for years.

Halloween Photos Mobile Phone

Focus on the Details

Costumes are made up of so many amazing details that often get forgotten. We forget how long it took us to find or make the sparkly red shoes in Dorothy’s costume. It makes it real to capture the details of the S on the Superman costume. To get a great shot, zoom in tight and create imaginative, magical moments. Capture the magic by taking shots of the little things.

Halloween Photos Costume

Get Great Light

One of the advantages of taking Halloween shots this time of year is that the lighting looks so nice. You can easily miss the harsh daylight by shooting in the late afternoon. Taking pictures on your porch before the darkness descends is a great way to take chronicled images year after year. You can then see how much your child has grown year after year. Taking pictures at golden hour and twilight provides for great opportunities for rich colors.

Shoot at Eye Level

To capture the child’s world, get down and shoot at their level. You will better be able to capture their emotions and feelings in the moment. By taking a photograph of your kids Halloween costume at eye level you can create a more intimate and compelling shot. Your child will feel more comfortable being themselves and showing their true nature. This a great angle to take candid shots.

Create a Spooky Look

Light can play a role in the look as you photograph kids Halloween costumes. A flashlight can be used to create a spooky look if you place the light below the subject so the light reflects from below onto their face. Also, you can use a light to add harsh shadows to the shot creating a dynamic look that increases the scary mood.

Take the Before and After

One of the best ways you can photograph kids in Halloween costumes is to take the before and after picture. This shows the excitement of the night and the energy of the night. To the anticipation of going trick-or-treating to the exhaustion after all the fun. Capture the candid nature of the candy spread around or eating the candy.

Save and Share Your Halloween Memories

Nowadays we take so many pictures that they are just stuck on our phones for years to come and go into picture oblivion. They get lost and we never see them again. Kids can’t easily see the pictures from the past and that is sad. To keep these memories, you can easily print them out with a Polaroid Zip or Kodak Mini. Kids can share their Halloween pictures with friends and family easily. They can also have a memento to keep the memory of Halloween alive.


Taking a photograph of your kids in Halloween costumes is a great way to save memories for years. Try these tips for great pictures. The keys to great Halloween photos are the same tools that are used to get a better composition, so keep in mind the basics.
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How to Create Spectacular Light Painting with a Mobile Phone

How to Create Spectacular Light Painting with a Mobile Phone

Have you heard of light painting? It has become more popular recently, it is using long exposure photos and a light source to create photos that look like the light is dancing. You’ll discover the techniques used to create the best light paintings on any phone. The article has three main parts, supplies you will need, taking photos on your phone, and then light painting with your phone as a tool.

Light Painting App

Supplies You’ll Need


Portable Shutter Release Button

Camera Apps

A Light Source

Fireworks Photography Cell Phone

Tips for Taking Light Painting Photos with Your Phone

To take a good photo there are two options. You can try the live view feature or download a long exposure app. For older models, you may not have the live view so you will need to download an app. I recommend the app Light Painting for iPhone which is free. Light Painting is a simple but powerful app for light painting. I usually only use it for light painting.

Using Live or Motion View to Create Long Exposures

The easiest way to create a simple light painting shot is to use live view or motion view. This captures 1.5 seconds before the shot and 1.5 seconds after. This works well on photos of fireworks or tunnels. Then you can edit the photo and choose the long exposure in the native camera app. This way works on some photos but others you will need to use a long exposure app or light painting app.

Light Painting With Mobile

Apps for Painting with Light for Android and iPhone

The Light Painting App for Android and iPhone is very simple to use and works great for this purpose. Open the app then look at the bottom of the app to see the main menu. Tap on the first option, settings to choose between auto and manual. In manual mode, you can adjust the ISO and Exposure. When taking light painting photos you’ll want photos that are very dark. On the left is the ISO button. You’ll want to keep the ISO fairly low at around 100 – 300. The next step is to increase or decrease exposure. You can do this by sliding down to decrease the exposure. If it is still dusk but you want to take light exposure photos you can decrease the exposure to make the photo look darker.

On the main screen, the next option is to turn on the flashlight, by tapping the light. Then you can use the phone for light painting. Make sure you have the light turned off when you go to take a photo or it will be too bright. The third button on the menu option is the duration. This is where you set long exposure time. I recommend choosing a time between 20-30 seconds. It can go up to 60 seconds if you prefer. Lastly, there is a timer option where you can set the amount of time before the camera takes the shot.

light painting photography tools

How to Take the Photo

If you are using a long exposure app you will need to set up a tripod and use a shutter release button. After the camera is set you can use your light painting tools and start creating. There are many special effects you can create. Here are some ideas but you can create your own.

  • Words- When creating light painting words make sure you have set the shutter speed to 20-30 seconds. That will give you enough time to create the words. Also, make sure you write backward so that it will read from left to right. Then hit the shutter release button to take the photo and start writing.
  • Shapes- You will need one of the tools to create the effect, set your camera for a long exposure shot and draw. You can start close to the camera and walk backward for a spiral effect. Also, you can try to create shapes by walking right to left through the frame.
  • Car Light Trails- Now set up your mobile phone using a tripod and set the exposure time. As cars pass by the light will be painted as they move through the scene. This is a great way to capture cityscapes.

Light Painting Smartphone

Using your Phone to Paint

The other option when creating light painting photos is to use your mobile phone as a light source. If you have a friend with a phone or an SLR this works great. A phone can be used to create light in several ways. There are specific apps you can even download for light painting with your phone. Also, your phone can be used as a flashlight to create shapes and words like sparklers or glow sticks. You can also use your phone to light up an object. Lastly, you can paint with the screen of the camera.

Flashlight Apps

Using flashlight apps for light painting can add a spark of color to your photos. There are a few options for great apps. While these apps are simple to use, they work great for painting with light in color for long exposure shots. You can choose from different screen colors or a changing pattern. This will create a rainbow effect in the long exposure photo. Try new light patterns light strobe light, emergency light, disco, and rainbow. The apps I recommend are Flashlight ∞ for iPhone and Color Flashlight for Android

Flashlight App IOS

Flashlight iPhone App


Flashlight App Android

Color Flashlight Android App

Light Painting Techniques

Lighting up an Object

Begin by setting up in a dark place indoor or outdoor. Make sure the object is perfectly still and shine the light from behind the camera on the subject. This effect is used often when taking photos of rocks in nature in the dark of night. Sometimes you may be able to have a still object in a room and cast a light on the object and then light paint in the background.

Painting with Words

First, choose a source of light to try. You can use the camera’s flashlight or a colored app. This can be used to create shapes and words. When painting, avoid staying in the same spot for too long. Then the light will overpower the photo. Now, if you use the camera’s flashlight to create the photo the LED lights will create a very white, and cool tone with a blue tint. You may want to add some color you can use the recommended apps to change the color.

Cell Phone Photography Light Painting

Using Light as a Background

Creating a background for an object is a great way to use light painting. Have you ever been in a dark movie theatre and someone turns on their phone? The camera’s screen emits a lot of light and can be distracting at times. In that situation can be distracting but the light from a phone can be used to create great backgrounds. Photos of solid blocks and designs work great for this. Experiment on different types of photos and how they look.


Light painting is a great technique to improve your mobile photography in a creative way. In this post, we covered the recommended tools for light painting. The tools are a tripod, remote trigger, light source, and camera apps. Next, you will need a light source, this can be sparklers, glow sticks, smartphone flashlights, or the litra torch. Try painting with different styles, experiment with words, shapes, and car light trails. Lastly, remember to use light painting techniques to light up an object, paint words backward, and use light as a background to highlight subjects. We hope you were inspired to try light painting as a creative way to take photos. Please share with us your photos and experience.

Take a minute to try these tips to become a great smartphone photographer. Want more inspiration? Here are some additional resources that can help you:
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Give those tips a read and you’ll be ready with new hacks and tips to help you make the most of your phone’s camera. See our photos on Instagram at @picxtrix.

How to do Fireworks Photography on a Mobile Phone

How to do Fireworks Photography on a Mobile Phone

It is hard to capture good fireworks photography on a mobile phone. Often, images turn out blurry and dull leaving a fun summer holiday without any images. You can take better pictures this summer and capture the celebration by taking great photos of fireworks on your mobile phone. You may feel overwhelmed at taking a picture in the dark not to mention trying fireworks. We will walk you through three trendy ways that people are using fireworks in photos.

The first is using smoke bombs to create color and mystery to an image. Second is using sparklers to create fun designs and words. Lastly, there are tips on how to take better firework show photography. This blog will tell you of the latest gear, trends, and tips for taking fireworks photography. Don’t hesitate to read this simple step by step guide to taking better photos.

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Fireworks Photography Cell Phone

Tips for Stunning Fireworks Photography on a Mobile Phone

Smoke Bomb Firework Tips

Do you want to add a blast of color to your photos? Smoke bombs will make your photos pop. If you have been looking around Instagram you may have seen smoke photography. Smoke photography has become popular lately. Smoke can help you to add a colorful effect or a mood in the picture. Try some of these smoke bomb and fireworks photography tricks to create striking effects on a mobile phone.

What will I need?

Smoke Bombs

All you need is your smartphone, an impressive location, and a smoke bomb. There are many options for purchasing smoke bombs. If it is firework season, you can go to your local firework tent and test out any of the smoke bombs. They have cheap ones for a few dollars that last for 30 seconds and are not as strong. If you want a professional grade smoke with vibrant color, check out the Enola Gaye WP40 Smoke Grenade. These last for about 90 seconds and are the longest lasting and safest product for smoke photography. They cost about $11 for a stick. For safety please follow the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.

Smoke Bomb Photography

Prevent Camera Shake With a Tripod

When learning how to take smoke or firework photography you’ll need to invest in a tripod. Phones are taking better night photography but still, it is easy to get a blurry picture. A tripod will help you to be able to take long exposure shots. This will stabilize your images for crisper shots.

Here are a few things to look for when buying a tripod. First, is the size. With mobile photography size matters, the smaller the better. Joby makes a small tripod for your smartphone that is 7 inches long and can fit into any bag or purse. The GorillaPod comes with adjustable legs that balance on rocks or can wrap around a tree.

Next, look for a sturdy tripod. When taking pictures outside something sturdy is important for balance. A cell phone could tip over and get scratched. The Manfrotto Pixi is one of the best small tripods.

Manfrotto Pixi Mobile Tripod Front

What is the Best Location to Shoot?

Choosing the perfect location to shoot depends on the style of the photo. Some of the best options are industrial, urban, and nature. Industrial places include locations with minimal color, steal or metal, cement, and lines. These can be a parking lot or outside a warehouse. Urban locations consist of images from around the city. Old buildings, wall murals, and vibrant city art can create a great variation with the colored smoke in the photo. Taking nature photos with smoke can create a feeling of mystery and awe. Forests, trees, and water can create a spectacular backdrop.

Tips for Taking Smoke Bomb Photos on a Phone

When taking photography of fireworks on a mobile phone, it will take some time to prepare the shot before you shoot. If you have a model advise give them some recommendations on how to move. Advise them to hold the smoke bomb away from them in case sparks fly. Before it starts to take a few test shots to see if the background and lighting will work well.

Fireworks Photography Smarpthone

Decrease Exposure

If you take the photo in the middle of the day, you may have harsh shadows and the light is too bright. This may mean that you will need to decrease exposure. Often times, when taking pictures in low light street light or other lights can leave a glare. By lowering the exposure compensation you can create a clear image.
To lower the exposure compensation. Tap on the focus button and then on the light bulb or sun and decrease the exposure. It will make the image dark and will bring out the highlights

Burst Mode

With Smoke bomb photography there is so little time to shoot and if you just take one shot after another you may miss great shots. Shoot in burst mode to get instantaneous shots. To shoot in burst mode, hold down your camera button for 1-3 seconds. As you hold down a number of shots will be taken. You can take many shots and then go into edit to choose the best one.

Fireworks Photography Smartphone

Sparklers Fireworks Photography

How do you take a good sparkler photo with the simplicity of a smartphone? Taking sparkler images are challenging and here are some quick tips to help take great firework photos with your phone.

Things You Need


  • You can get these at your local firework tent or online at superior creations


Long Shutter App

When to shoot?

The best time to get started taking firework photos with your phone is at dusk as the sun is setting. This leaves enough light so you can get the subject, background, and the glow of the sparkler. If it is still too light you can decrease the exposure on your phone to make it look as if it is dark.

Sparkler Fireworks Photography Smartphone

How to take great firework photos of sparklers with a smartphone?

  • The first step is to stabilize your shot with a tripod. When taking long exposure any camera movement will make the image blurry.
  • Turn off the flash
  • If shooting in manual mode or using an app keep the ISO low
  • Open the app listed above and set the settings

Pro Tips:

  • Shoot in landscape mode
  • Remember to write words backwards
  • Decrease the exposure if there is too much light in the background
  • Set the long exposure between 15-45 seconds depending on the shot

Cell Phone Fireworks Photography

Taking Smartphone Pictures at a Firework Show

Firework shows bring magic and awe to summer celebrations. You may want to capture the memory but find that your pictures don’t turn out great. Here are some suggestions on how to take better photos at a firework show on your smartphone.

  • Decrease exposure if the sky is too light or there are other distractions
  • Use a tripod to steady the camera
  • Lock the focus with the AE/AF Lock
  • Turn off the flash
  • Use Burst Mode

Mobile Phone Fireworks Photography


With these tips and tricks, you will be able to tackle any of the many celebrations this 4th of July and summer. To review what we talked about in this blog, here are some tips for smoke, sparkler, and firework photography with a smartphone.

When taking photos use smoke bombs take the time to plan the photo because a smoke bomb only lasts about a minute. With sparkler, photography remember to use a long exposure app and place your phone on a tripod. It may take some adjustment to get the shutter speed time correct. Also, if you are doing writing please remember to write words backward.

Lastly, for overhead firework photos please remember to use a tripod for steady shots in low light. To get a crystal clear image lock the exposure with the AE/AF lock by holding down on the focus button. These tips will help you take great fireworks photography on a mobile phone this summer.


Take a minute to try these tips to become a great smartphone photographer. Want more inspiration? Here are some additional resources that can help you:
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Give those tips a read and you’ll be ready with new hacks and tips to help you make the most of your phone’s camera. See our photos on Instagram at @picxtrix.

Why Taking Mobile Photos Will Make You Happier

Why Taking Mobile Photos Will Make You Happier

Why do you take mobile photos? This is one question I ask myself a lot. I think back to how it all got started.  It was simple to learn mobile photography as a new years resolution for one hour a week. Now, I share my love for taking mobile photos with others.

Sometimes everyone can get caught up in the mentality of taking the perfect photo to show off on social media. It is easy to get caught into a rut, but there are many additional benefits. Recently, I have reflected on some deeper reasons why I do mobile photography. As I share why I take photos with a phone, I hope we can connect on a deeper level.

Click Here to Learn How to Take Instagram Photos Like a Pro With a Phone

Why Mobile Photos

Convey Your Identity

Photos are of so much worth. An image is a way to capture a person, identity, emotions, and personality. When you take a mobile photo, you capture that experience and share who you are. With mobile phones so accessible, you can share your favorite places with people you love; This is a way to connect. Sharing is a way to show our values and our options through an image. On social media, we can share our friendships and relationships with others.

How to flower Photos with Phone

Sharing Mobile Photos Creates Joy

One of the ways to feel a boost of happiness is to share a photo or an experience. Have you ever been on a vacation and then shared your photos with friends? How did you feel? I usually feel great after returning from a vacation and wish I was somewhere else when I am sitting at home. The pictures of the trip give me a positive boost and help me remember the great things that happened.

Keep Memories Alive

So do you find old family pictures fascinating? I do. What were they wearing during that time period? What were they thinking when the picture was taken? Pictures from the past are invaluable. They are rare and were hard to take. I love history and these pictures show me more about the past. I can see the emotion of my great grandmother or my grandpa playing his beloved violin.

Pictures from the past capture the moment as it is. The background may tell the history of the time. What did the city or car look like at that time? As you reflect on the value of photography, think of the past. Photography has to lead us to define ourselves throughout history.
Photography has significant value to the story of our past. With mobile photography, we are able to visually journal our lives. Photos of the past leave a legacy for the future.

Mobile Photos Past

See the World with New Eyes

We are visual beings. We transmit information through images. That is why photos are so powerful. A team of MIT neuroscientists found that about 90 Percent of information is visual and images can be processed in milliseconds. This is why when you see an image, it is easier to remember the word.

Photography has a way to view different perspectives. A slight change in angle can make a better image. You don’t have to go on expensive vacations or to a tropical beach to take great pictures with your phone. You have to look around and open your eyes. Mobile photography makes it so that any spot is a photo shot. Some of the best shots are taken at home or close by. You don’t have to travel across the world to get great photos.

Phone Street Photography Tutorial

Tell a Story

We are visual people, and photos tell stories. The saying is “a picture is worth a thousand words” can be true. Details tell the story that can be captured with photography, telling a history of that person or moment. Iconic images of the heroism after September 11th taught us to look back onto who we are as a nation. Stories are what we capture when we take a picture.

Feel Emotion

Emotion is one of the best ways to use mobile photography. That can be the joy of a baby, or someone crying, the face of fear or excitement. All these emotions are little glimpses into humanity and who we are. One example is the Humans of New York website which captures people with raw emotion. The photos are well done but show an honest tone.

Street Photography Tip

Enhance our Creativity

Every time you take mobile photos, you are creating something. You are capturing something and creating an image that will be stuck in the time of that moment.

Humans are created to build, imagine, and to create something. It enhances our joy and improves our well being. We are happier when we create something. Taking pictures requires us to plan and think through the process. Then to capture that image. We have to think creatively as we work with color, light, and emotion. These factors and many others build our creativity as we take pictures.

Why Cell Phone Photos

Belong and Connect with Others

We all feel that we need to be part of something or belong. Our need for connectedness is a way to become closer to others. Photography has existed for years as a way to share our connection to each other. Polaroid pictures could instantly print, and you could share that photo with anyone.

Social media can be good and bad. It is a way we can connect with others. Social media was created so we could share and connect faster with family and friends. We could share our lives with others and connect. Sharing brought validation and connection. Sharing our mobile photography is a way we can connect with others.

Social media is a tool, but if we watch and compare ourselves to others, then we are not contributing. It can be scary to share your photos on social media. Try and share the picture you take even if they are not perfect. This is the fastest way to improve and get feedback.

Increase Engagement in Activities

Experiences are important to being happy and having a positive well being. A study about satisfaction during experiences shows the positive effects of photography. The study has shown that taking pictures at an event can enhance our enjoyment. When taking pictures, we can be more engaged and present in the event.

Mobile Photos Olloclip

Live in the Moment

Mindfulness has found a way into our lives, but it is hard to put in place with so many distractions. Staying present with so much going on can be challenging. Taking a moment to take a photo is a way to stop and focus on what you are doing. Mobile photography requires that you focus and are present, which will give you a boost of energy.


I wanted to share with you why I value taking mobile photos and hope that you enjoy taking photos too. Recently there has been some negative light on the excessive use of social media in our society. As photographers, we can use social media as a tool to help us improve, to get ideas, and to connect with others. When researching this topic I found that mobile photos can improve your happiness. We can keep memories alive, enhance our creativity and tell a story. Lastly, even the act of taking a picture can help us enjoy the moment better and keep a lasting memory.

Want more inspiration? Here are some additional resources that can help you:

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Give those tips a read and you’ll be ready with new hacks and tips to help you make the most of your phone’s camera. See our photos on Instagram at @picxtrix.

4 unique Mobile Photography Tips for Better Composition

4 unique Mobile Photography Tips for Better Composition

One of the best mobile photography tips to focus on is composition. By taking some time to look at the artistic elements in a photo, you can quickly improve your mobile photography. It may take some practice to improve your composition due to the abstract nature of composition. Here are a few mobile photography tips that will help us define the subject of the story. We will discuss how to improve the balance of the image in different settings, to alter the point of view,  and focus on simplicity.

Define the Subject of the Story

Have you ever seen a picture that didn’t have a clearly defined story?  Good composition is about creating clear definitions of what the subject and the background are. This is one of the easiest mobile photography tips to implement.  The first step is to notice if the background is competing with the subject. Unclear images happen if the shot is taken from a wide angle view and the subject is a similar size to other objects in the image. This can happen if there is too much going on in the image. To solve this problem, pick a subject such as a person and get closer to clearly define the story in the image.

2 Subject Mobile Photography Tips

Notice how the rock in the background is competing with the subject.

Subject Mobile Photography Tips

Now the subject is the main focus in the image and the rock is in the background.

Balance Your Image

Balance is a rather vague term,  but when you see an image that lacks balance it looks rather dull. There may be a beautiful sky, mountains, and grass,  which are all great features to a good picture, but the image lacks balance. Some mobile photography tips to take in account are: where is the horizon? What is the subject and where are they located? How does the image attract the viewer’s eye?  Here are some tips for creating balance.

Balance Mobile Photography Tips

The plateau on the right side balances the red rocks on the left side

Color Balance

When taking a picture, notice the colors that provide contrast in the image. If it is a snowy day the image may look as though it lacks color. Is there something you can add? Try a change of angle that will bring a dark feature into the image that will create balance.  A similar tone on different places in the image is a great way to balance the color.

Simplicity Mobile Photography Tips

Shape Structure

Creating balance requires looking at the picture in a simplistic view of shapes. By using triangles, rectangles and squares you can create balance.  Triangles are one of the most visually pleasing and easy ways to create balance. This may mean taking a picture of a mountain and a person to create a triangle from the tip of the mountain to the straight line of the person. By using these simple mobile photography tips you can create a balanced shape structure.

View Mobile Photography Tips

Empty Space

One of the most difficult ways to create balance in a shot is to use empty space. It may take a little bit of practice to understand how much white space should be in an image. Try lots of different ideas one example is to use the rule of thirds to create balance with white space.

White Space Mobile Photography Tips

Point of View

Have you ever gone on a vacation and felt that you have taken so many great pictures? Then you go home to realize that all the mobile images look the same although they were at different locations. This is because you probably took all your shots at eye level. By shooting, pictures at the same angle many details are missing from the story. Taking a picture from a different angle changes the point of view and tells the story of the subject. This is one of the best mobile photography tips that you need to focus on when you are shooting. By changing the point of view you can take boring subject matter and create a fascinating image full of emotion.

Angle Mobile Photography Tips


One of the key features of a good image is simplicity. As a photographer,we have to choose what we put in an image. Often we want to capture the entire world, but we need to learn how to subtract the things we don’t on the image. One of the easiest ways to create a simpler image is to frame your shot and then look around the edges of the image for items that seem like they do not belong. Often, getting closer is a way to get a simpler shot.

By trying these mobile photography tips you can easily take better pictures on any phone. With a little practice,  your images will tell a better story. To learn more please check out these additional blogs below or subscribe at

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5 Amazing Mobile Photography Ideas for Winter Photos

5 Amazing Mobile Photography Ideas for Winter Photos

Have you run out of mobile photography ideas? It seems like with so much snow and very little color it can be hard to find inspiration for photography. With cold weather, it also may not be as enjoyable to take pictures. Here are a few ideas to get you motivated again to take amazing pictures this winter.

Pictures of Fog

One of the easiest mobile photography ideas for better winter photos is to embrace the dull color of a foggy day (or smoggy day in my city). On foggy days when everything seems lifeless and dull with only the color grey, it can be an excellent opportunity to take pictures. A downtown scene may seem more mysterious. Fog diminishes the effects in the background and makes the foreground stand out.

Mobile Photography Winter Ideas

Photograph Falling Snow

Capturing falling snow is one of the most magical mobile photography ideas. Snowflakes are so beautiful and bring life to the foreground and background of a photo. Flakes in the background bring texture to the image. Foreground snowflakes bring life and motion to the photo. You can easily take a stunning portrait or scenic shot while it is snowing.

best app for photo editing

Adjust the White Balance

Snow can often have a blue tint when it is taken although the snow is white. One easy mobile photography idea is to adjust the white balance if the image is blue. It is best if you use a 3rd party app or pro mode to change the white balance to cloudy or set the kelvin degrees so the image is white.

Mobile Photography white Balance

Cozy Days

One of the best parts of winter is staying warm inside, eating comfort food, and making your environment inviting. Next time you want to be warm, take a second to capture one of these mobile photography ideas by getting something warm to drink and a good book. Snap a shot before you enjoy a relaxing night.

Mobile Photography Cozy

Capture Winter’s Long Shadows

The light in winter is very different than it is in the summer. The trees cast longer shadows which are great to capture light and shadows. One the easiest mobile photography ideas is to take pictures of light seeping through trees. In the winter, the shadows create a longer view and feel. This can make creative and creepy photos that tell a great story.

Mobile photography ideas Long shadows

Here are a few mobile photography ideas to help you get motivated to take great pictures. When taking pictures, remember that it may be really cold. A great picture may take a second of hand numbing fun to get the right shot. Also,keep your phone warm because the battery also gets weaker when outside and you will not have as long of battery life. To learn more, please see the topics below about mobile photography. You can also get tips and tricks by subscribing below.


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