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October 17, 2018

Joby Griptight Pro

The Joby Griptight Pro is ideal for taking photos both horizontally and sharing images on Snapchat, or Instagram Stories. It has an easy slide feature to switch from horizontal or vertical. Designed for most smartphones 2.2 to 3.58″ wide. It is compatible with large and small smartphones with or without a case. The reliable grip rubber pads are excellent for secure grip of your phone. This product is an excellent cell phone tripod mount with the added control and durability.  The versatility of the product makes this mount great.Getting the best cell phone tripod mount for the shooting situation can take a little bit of research. Here are a few options of some of the best quality products in the market that will help you decide which product to buy.


Joby Griptight Mount

This is the smallest and most compact cell phone tripod mounts with great quality. It folds flat and fits easily into a pocket. This adjustable mount will fit most cell phones 2.2 to 3.58″ wide. With the option to order the larger size to fit all cell phones. This mount is fold-able and compact to 4 inches long. Joby mount’s come with a universal mount that is ideal for phones. Which pairs great with any size tripod with the 1/4″-20 thread to use with other Joby tripods and stands. The rubber pads will hold your phone sturdy with many angles. This compact tripod can be put in a pocket. It is small and easy to put in a bag or attached to the Joby Gorillapod.


Joby Griptight Pro Video

This cell phone tripod mount is size adjustable from horizontal and vertical and easily locks into place. The Joby Griptight Pro Video Mount easily tilts and pans for video and is easy to position and adjust with the tilt arm and nob. It comes with rubber that easily grips on and has adjustment knobs for quick turning and smartphone jaws. You can easily pan and tilt with this creating great panoramas and videos. The mount can  quickly switch angles with the tilt arm for tight spaces. I like to use this tool to take fluid panorama shots.


Manfrotto Smartphone Clamp

The Manfrotto Smartphone Clamp is a very versatile cell phone tripod mount due to having a tall and a flat way to screw on the image mount to the tripod. This is great for taking traditional shots from standing up or taking shots of the sky or tall subjects. This tripod is cost effective and has a durable rubber to grasp any phone. The kickstand mount can be used as a tiny tripod for small macro shots, which is small and compact and can  it can be used as a tripod itself.

Twist Grip by Manfrotto

The Twist Grip by Manfrotto has a sleek design and fits any phone. Manufactured out of of durable aluminum that is very strong. It fits any phone and is very sturdy. The product can hold a phone steady without any additional tripod. This product is great but may cost more than other cell phone tripod mounts. It has a large span to fit smartphones 2.2” to 3.58” but if you have a bulky case it may be hard to fit. If you like design, functionality, and the highest quality this is the product for you.




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