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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Light Painting with a Mobile Phone

Come learn how to create beautiful light painting photos on your phone with a few simple tricks. We will be discussing what apps to use to get the best light painting. Also we will be testing our creative skills with light painting.

Meet Your Instructor


I grew up spending my time being creative and enjoyed all forms of art. My love of art started when I would look at picture books for hours at the elementary school library. I loved to make crafts and I learned how to watercolor. As a teenager I learned of Ansel Adams and wanted to learn photography. I tried to take a class in college but I could never get into the class.

After graduating, I still wanted to learn photography but I did not have the finances to buy a nice camera. Finally, I decided now was the time to learn photography. Still, I did not have the money so I started with the camera in my hand, my cell phone. I took pictures on it everyday and taught myself composition, lighting, and how to use editing apps. I am excited to share with everyone the creative possibilities that you can do with your your phone.

Pictures from the Meetup

Calling all people interested in taking better pictures with their mobile phone! We welcome all levels with any phone. We teach the basics of smartphone photography for great selfies, nature, and everyday shooting tips. We also meet on location for outdoor photo shots in the community to test the skills we learned. Join us on our adventure to take great mobile pictures.

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