Fall Photography Tips for Mobile Photography

Fall Photography Tips

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November 7, 2018

When you are outside this fall, here are some quick fall photography tips that you can take with your mobile phone. By using these simple tips you can take better images that portray the feeling of the beauty that surrounds you. You can easily capture the detail in the leaves or the color of the trees.

1) Capture Each Detail of a Single Leaf

Fall Photography is an excellent way get better at photography. Capture the detail and symmetry of the Capture a single leaf in focus on the ground to show the detail and the trees in the background. This can create emotion and a feeling in your photography. If it is stormy water reflecting in the background can be powerful.

Mobile Phone Fall Photography Tips


2) Shoot Leaves Falling From Above

To capture leaves falling in fall photography creates a great shot of motion and some leaves may be clearly in focus where others are not. To create this image it may take a few gentle shakes to the tree to have enough leaves falling at the same time to get a great shot.

3) Take Leaves Toward the Sky

Fall is all about color and fall photography is all about capturing the vibrant fall leaves. Often when many leaves are taken against a dull background there is little contrast and the image has no direction. By simply changing the angle and shooting the leaves toward the sky the contrast is brought out and the color is increased. If you are shooting in the middle of the day you may want to turn on HDR so the darks and lights are better balanced.

Autumn Photography Tips

4) Capture a Lone Tree

Capturing the lone tree creates a simple image that easily brings the viewers eyes into the purpose of the photo. In fall photography taking a picture of one tree against a contrasting background is beautiful. Your shot can easily capture the detail and color of that tree creating a eye popping effect.

Mobile Autumn Photography

5) Create Symmetry

Symmetry is an excellent way to capture fall leaves. This can be the symmetry of a leaf in macro photography or symmetry of a path lined with trees on both sides. Symmetry leads viewers through the photo.

6) Shoot Against a Dark Background

Leaves that are Yellow and orange can be easily washed out and the vibrancy of the color is lost. Taking a shot with a dark background can bring out the contrast. If you are taking a wide angle scenic shot a dark background will help the trees show their true color.

Leaf Fall Photography

7) Use Weather to Take Great Shots

Fall is often more stormy with potential rain or snow at any time. A shot with leaves changing and snow in the background shows the seasons changing. Also taking shots of leaves through the lens of a puddle or reflection is a great way to capture fall photography.

Smartphone Fall Photography tips

8) If You See Red, Shoot It

Many famous photographers have noted the power of red in a picture. Red is a stunning color and always leads the viewer into the image. If you see red leaves in an image take a picture.

Fall photography is so beautiful and easy to do with a mobile phone. With these tips you can quickly take great shots. For tips delivered to your inbox subscribe to picxtrix.com

Leaf Mobile Photography

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