Top 5 Unique Food Photography Tips for Mobile

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August 8, 2018

Food photography tips are one of the easiest ways to impress others on social media. If you are going to a restaurant, or made some delicious food you would like to share. There are a few ways you can get great pictures of food.

1. Angle: Top Down, Side View

The first food photography tip is to get the right angle. Food photography can look appealing at many angles. Shooting from above shows the beauty of the food. It creates food as a work of appetizing art. The top down angle shows the details of the food with the background and shows the contrast of shapes and colors.  This creates a strong and bold but balanced image.

Taking an image from the side brings out the little detail of the food. It can show the detail in a mouth watering piece of cake. Show the fresh salt on salted caramel by taking a side view. Also taking a side view will show the steam coming off warm hot chocolate. One thing to take note is to always consider your background when taking side images.

Shoot the image diagonally to show three dimensions of the food. This will show the food and will also show the detail of the background. If you shoot an ice cream cone shooting diagonally will show the three dimensions of the  scoop. Which will add a realistic element to the photo. To get a better image a tripod is necessary. Trying to hold a phone straight above is very challenging and motion can easily interfere and make the image blurry. 

2. Light and Shadows

Getting the right light is the key to making the texture of the food look appetizing and appealing. Back lighting is the trick to getting the food look fresh. The angle of light shows the image as crisp and will allow any steam to show up in the image.

Direct natural light can bring harsh shadows. Use a white sheet or a piece of poster paper to diffuse the light. Dark shadows and highlights will be diffused and less harsh.

3. Arrange With an S Curve

Naturally when we take a picture of food our eyes move through the image from top to bottom or right to left. If you look at landscape photography often there is a winding river that directs your eye through the image. Food photography tips for mobile include, arranging the food in an S curve will lead the viewer’s eye through the image.


4. Tell the Story of the Food

When creating a food story use simple props to tell what is going on in the image.  Raw ingredients, extra plates, and silverware add to the image and portray the story. Make the food the focus of the image so patterned dishes may distract from the image.

To enhance the story of food take pictures of the process. That may be chopping,  peeling, and stirring the pot in the process. Step by step images will draw the viewer help them capture the moment.

food photography tips mobile

5. Interact with the food

Interacting with food is the one of the most creative food photography tips for mobile. Food can be more appealing if you show a hand holding a spoon, or someone holding an ice cream cone. Food without a personal touch may seem boring and unrealistic.  Adding a human element shows the emotion and excitement of food.

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