How to Edit Food Photos with the Foodie App

Foodie App Editing

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February 11, 2020

The Foodie app especially for taking stunning pictures of food. This app works great if you are taking many pictures of food or products. If you are a true foodie this app will help you take and share great pictures of food. The Foodie App is available for free on Android and iOS.

Foodie App Review

Foodie App Camera

In the Foodie app you can take a picture instantly or edit the photo after. If you want to take quick food photos begin by opening up the app. You’ll see the camera option opens up instantly. There you will be able to choose filters and choose settings. In the top left corner, there is a circle with 3 dots. This icon opens up additional options you can choose. You can choose to add a blur, grid, set a timer, add a flash or reset settings. Tap on the center icon to change the size of the image from square to rectangle. To switch from the back camera to the selfie camera tap the circle with the arrow’s icon.

Foodie Editing App
On the bottom menu, you can choose from photo or video to take your shot. Next, you can choose to add an effect. The effects are just for pictures of people where you can adjust the skin, chin, eye, and nose. This app works for selfies, but I recommend using PicsArt for better selfie features.

Lastly, you can add filters specifically for food by tapping on filters and then choosing the food option. The Foodie App brings a vast variety of features that will enhance your food photography.

How To Take Food Photos

How to Edit Photos with the Foodie App

To begin editing a photo in the Foodie app tap on “Edit” on the left side on the bottom menu. Then tap edit to get into the editing home screen. On the bottom of the screen, you can choose from filters, adjust, and recipe. In the filter section, you can choose filters from favorites, recommended, selfie, and food. Slide left to right to choose more filter options. In this app, my go-to filters are under the food section. There you can choose from different settings that will enhance your food photography.

To edit, tap on the filter, then choose to decrease the filter with the slider. You’re also able to adjust many editing features like brightness, contrast, saturation, color, etc. If you like the look of the filter then tap on “Add to recipe” to save the features. Then the next time you want to quickly edit a photo you can go to recipes and add the same filters. This is a great feature if you do product photography. Because then you can have the right coloring for all your photos.

The last step is to save and share your image. After you edited your photo tap save and your image will be instantly saved to your photo album. If you want to share your image with friends tap on the upload arrow in the bottom left corner. Then a popup will share social networks you can share your image on.

 Apps To Edit Food


The Foodie App is a very simple app and is very easy to use. This app includes a simple camera feature and editing options to get great food photography. It does the job well for food photography. I recommend this app to anyone who wants an easy to use the app for food with minimal bells and whistles.

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