A Beginners Guide to Photo Editing on Snapseed

Do you want to improve your mobile photography quickly? Photo editing can be one of the quickest ways to improve your photos. Now that you are beginning to learn how to take photos with your phone. There is so much to take in, taking photos, composition, and editing. 

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I grew up spending my time being creative and enjoyed all forms of art. My love of art started when I would look at picture books for hours at the elementary school library. I loved to make crafts and I learned how to watercolor. As a teenager I learned of Ansel Adams and wanted to learn photography. I tried to take a class in college but I could never get into the class.

After graduating, I still wanted to learn photography but I did not have the finances to buy a nice camera. Finally, I decided now was the time to learn photography. Still, I did not have the money so I started with the camera in my hand, my cell phone. I took pictures on it everyday and taught myself composition, lighting, and how to use editing apps. I am excited to share with everyone the creative possibilities that you can do with your your phone.


Our purpose is to inspire you to take great shots in the moment on the go. We sell mobile photography courses and products that help you better capture your life so that you can share every moment.

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