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October 10, 2018

Google Photos is a great way to save and share your memories. With smartphones we take a lot of pictures and organization can be very challenging. It can take a lot of time to scroll through images to find the picture you like best. Here are ten of the newest features that you can do in Google Photos.

1. Recognize and Label People on Google Photos

Google Photos uses face recognition to group similar faces together. You can tag and label these faces with names like “Mom” or “Dad” for friends and family. Face groups are private and only appear on your account. To create the name tap on the person, then tap the circle image on the top to add the name. This makes it easy to quickly search through your photos for that person.

People Google Photos

2. Change Your View With a Pinch

Pinch to quickly expand your view of an image or to zoom in. You can zoom into a close up view to see the detail or pinch out to see the year-by year view. It shows days and months in an easy to use view. Pinch outward onto a single image to zoom in and edit an individual shot.

Google Photos Zoom

3. Touch to Quick Select

To quick select images hold your finger on a picture and then start dragging your finger over all the images you want selected. This makes it faster and easier to delete or move many photos to batch them together in an album. This is a quick way to use special tools to create animations, movies, or collages.

Google photos select

4. Hide Your Location

Images from almost any smartphone tracks a lot of location data. Google Photos uses location features to actively map where your pictures were taken. This can be a really nice feature if you are searching for a specific location. This is a great feature, but sometimes when sharing an image you may not want the person receiving the photos to know where the picture was taken. To get the geo location so it doesn’t appear you will need to visit. https://photos.google.com/settings and check off “Remove geo location in items shared by link.” Then the person won’t be able to get any location data.

5. Search for Places and Objects

With Google Photos can search for uncommon and observe terms and easily find what you are looking for. Google’s auto-tagging image includes face recognition. Google Photos automatically arranges your pictures by the location and the date taken. You can search for anything: Your pet dog, an animal seen at the zoo, food, and Halloween pictures taken last year. On the bottom right tap on the search icon and in the box type what you would like to find.

6. Create Custom Albums

With Google Photos you can quickly share a vacation or a celebration with friends and family by creating a custom album of that event. After creating a custom album you can share the pictures digitally with no hassle. To do this, tap on the upload image and type who you would like to share the album with. They will be sent a link where they will be able to access  and download all the images.

7. Build a Photo Book

Quickly create a photo book that you can print by putting all your images into a specific album. Tap on the triple dots and choose “create a photo book.” You can quickly rearrange the images by sliding the images around. Tap on a specific image to edit the layout and to add text. You can also change the title of the book and the photo for the book. This is an easy way to create and share memories.

Ways to save summer memories

8. Free up Space

Never run out of space again by backing up your photos using Google Photos. To get started, tap on the side menu and choose “free up space” then Google Photos will remove photos that are already backed up. This helps you save the precious space on your phone quickly and easily.

9. Make Custom Slideshow Videos With Music

To create a slideshow, tap on the bottom feature called “Assistant” in your Google Photos app. Then, tap on the movie option. Then you can choose up to 50 photos or videos to put into a slideshow video. There are all sorts of custom features such as choosing different filters and choosing a soundtrack to match your movie.

10. Create an Animation

This is an entertaining way to sequence action shots and funny faces that go together. To create an animation with Google Photos go to the “Assistant” in photos and choose “animation”. Then you can select anywhere from two photos to 50 photos to create funny animations from images.

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