How do I make my iPhone Photos Brighter?

How do I make my iPhone Photos Brighter

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October 24, 2019

Learning how to create iPhone photos that are brighter can be challenging. With everyone having a phone we all take a lot of photos. Sometimes they turn out clear and other times they lackluster. Do the faces in your photos seem too dark? Adjusting the brightness of the images is possible on your iPhone camera app, the iPhone photo editor, and an external app Snapseed. These tips and tricks will help you take bright pictures that you will want to share.

How do I make my Phone Photos Brighter

How do I make my iPhone Photos Brighter while taking a picture?

Creating iPhone photos that are brighter takes some knowledge of the features on your iPhone. Have you ever walked outside and it is too bright? Or have you ever stepped into a dark room where everything seems pitch black and you can’t see anything? Then your eyes adjust and you can see clearly again. That is how exposure works. The black part of the eye is the pupil and the iris opens and closes to let more light in. If you step in a dark room your pupils will open more to let in more light in and when I step into the sun my eyes adjust and the pupil gets smaller to let less light in. Our eyes need a particular setting. When we move from one lighting to another it takes time for our eyes to adjust.

iPhone Photos Brighter

Tap on the Image to Adjust the Light

Explore each smartphone touch screen by just tapping anywhere on the screen to adjust the exposure. By tapping on a dark portion, the image will instantly become brighter. Tap on a light part and the shot will become darker. The trick is to find the right spot where your phone will have lights and darks are even. There are no blinding lights and black blobs in your image.

Adjust the Exposure

Getting the right picture is more than just tap focus, and shoot. Exposure is one of the key elements to getting a great image. On a phone, focus the image and a sun or a light bulb image will appear. On the iPhone, the sun appears next to the focused area. Just slide up or down on the image to adjust the exposure.

How iPhone Photos Brighter

In the iPhone Photos App

To make your iPhone photos brighter first open the iPhone photos app. Then select a picture and tap on the edit button. To begin slide the circle menu to the left to see the brightening options. These options include adjusting the exposure, brilliance, highlights, shadows, and contrast. First tap on the plus and minus icon. This feature increases the brightness (or exposure). Slide right to increase the exposure and left to decrease the exposure. Next, add brilliance to increase the contrast of the colors. Add brightness to a photo by increasing the highlights and decreasing the shadows. Enhance the clarity by increasing the contrast. Then tap on brightness to increase the light in the image. Tap done to save your image.

Brighten iPhone Photos Using Snapseed

The first step to brighten an iPhone image in Snapseed is to tune the image. By following this step you can enhance the overall appearance and quality of the image. The first icon is a graph looking icon on the lower left side of the image, tap this to show a histogram. The next editing tool is settings which include adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, shadows, and warmth. The magic wand tool is auto-correction. Lastly, tap on the checkmark button when you are done editing the image.

Snapseed editing app tutorial


  •  Brightness- exposure of the image. You can increase or decrease the light in the image by sliding right or left.
  •  Contrast- the color contrast and refers to the difference in tone throughout the image. The goal is to have a balance of contrast throughout the image. If there are any harsh shadows then adjust the contrast till the shadows are even.
  • Saturation- the intensity or vibrancy of the hue or the color, to increase the intensity slide to the right. To quickly create a black and white image you can slide the saturation to “0”.
  • Ambiance- controls the balance of light in throughout the image. If an image is backlit then increasing the ambiance can create balance throughout the photo. Slide right if the subject is darker than the background. This will increase the light on the subject. To make dark images more defined and stand out, slide left to decrease the contrast. If your image is slightly flat, this feature will add flare.
  • Highlights- are the bright features in an image. If an image is dark you can quickly improve the image by increasing the highlights.
  • Shadows- can easily be adjusted by sliding right or left. Try to use this feature to create balanced shadows on subjects.
  • Warmth- color theory has both warm and cool tones. A cloudy sky will create an image that naturally has cool tones. This often looks unrealistic. Therefore, adjust the warmth of your shot by sliding left and right.
  • Adjust Details- this includes adjusting the structure and sharpening. If your image is slightly flat or out of focus, these features can increase the detail and texture of the image.


In this article, we discussed some tips to help you create iPhone photos that are bright. Try these four tips to create better pictures. First, tap on the image to adjust the light, then adjust the exposure. Then in the iPhone photos app edit the photo to add light to the photo. Lastly, brighten the iPhone picture using Snapseed. These tools will help you improve any photo.

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