How to Balance Travel Photography with Family and Friends

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June 19, 2019

Does your travel photography get in the way of the family on a vacation? It can be challenging to put the camera down and enjoy your time together. You may have planned your trip and then heard a few complaints about taking too many photos. Taking travel photos is a great way to save memories. It can also leave you feeling empty and family feeling frustrated.

Don’t miss out on the fun of the trip while taking photos. You can use your photos to create a photo book. get away from the screen to see the whole picture.

How do you balance taking great travel photos and enjoy your family on your trip? Here are a few tips and tricks to try on your next adventure:

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1- Plan Travel Photography Before You Go

After you decide to go on vacation, it is very exciting. It’s easy to spend hours of time researching the best places to eat, stay, and go during the day. During your research spend a few minutes planning the shots you will take. Here are a few simple travel photography tips that can help you do this.

Search the Destination on Google Maps

This will help see where you are going and the drive time between certain destinations. You may have many places you want to go to get good photos. It can take a lot of time and planning to get to the right spot when there is good light.

Instagram Locations

When going on a vacation you can go to Instagram locations to spot out places to visit. You can also get ideas of where to go to take pictures. This may be hiking up to a specific rock during sunset to take a good photo with my phone. You can also bookmark images that you like to save your ideas. Images may give you creative examples of style or framing techniques.

Use an App

The best places to take travel photos can be hard to find, but one tip is to use an app. There are a few apps that show the best places to take pictures. You can try the app called Really Good Photo Spots for Apple or Photomapper: Best Photo Spots on Android. These apps will decrease the time you spend researching places to shoot.

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2-Free Up Some Solo Time

Do you find it hard to get a moment away to take great mobile photos? Finding that second can be hard. Take the chance to shoot images by yourself during sunrise or sunset. Try this for taking landscape photography. This can be the opportunity to get up early and leave for a moment to catch the best light. You may also find this moment to be the time to catch your breath or relax after a busy but fun day.

3- Forget Photos and Have Fun

It can be easy to forget the fun and focus on capturing the moment. This can detract from the trip and make it less enjoyable for everyone. During the middle of the day when the light is bright put your mobile phone away and enjoy the moment. Give your family your undivided attention. Take the time to create meaningful memories.

4- Think Like a Travel Photographer

To become a serious travel photographer you need to start thinking like one. It can be easy to get the same iconic image that others have taken in that same spot. To think like a travel photographer takes some depth. The first thing to ponder is the story of the image. Does this shot have a clear story? Does this image stand out from the crowd? Take a moment to discover what kind of shots professional travel photographers capture. Great photographers take pictures that show emotion and mood. Pictures show a glimpse into the culture or location. The goal is to take images of distant places and to help them connect to the location and people far away.

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5- Get in the Frame

Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in taking pictures that we forget to be in the photo. Although we may want to create compelling stories sometimes it is important to be in the photo. Have you ever looked back on a trip and noticed that you are not in any of the photos because you were taking them all? It can be sad when you go to make a photo book to share with family and friends. Ask someone to take a photo of everyone so you are in the shot. Set up a tripod and then set up a timer or use a remote shutter. Also, allow kids or friends to take turns taking the photo so different people are in the pictures.

Sometimes the best photos are not perfectly poised but are candid and people are not looking.

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6- Quality over Quantity

When traveling with family or friends they can become frustrated, if you stop every few minutes to take pictures. They can become bored and wander off. One of the advantages of mobile photography is that you can quickly take photos. You can snap great photos with less hassle. If you need to take a photo focus on quality over quantity. Take fewer photos but always be on the lookout for a better shot. Therefore you will be able to capture the essence of the trip with less hassle.

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Final Thoughts

You don’t need thousands of travel photos to have an amazing trip with your family. Capture the best moments but also leave some experiences untouched. You will be able to please your family and also take stunning photos. Take the time to plan your shots before you go and seek for the best locations and times to photograph. Also, slip away to get a great sunset or sunrise by getting up early. In the end, remember that this moment is something you want to capture and cherish. Take the time and decide the best approach for you and your family or friends.

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