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Holiday Memories

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December 6, 2018

Christmas is coming, and it is time to capture those holiday memories on your phone. Christmas is a magical time and filled with parties, presents and laughter, which can easily be captured. The great thing with mobile photography is that your phone is there when you need to get a great shot. Here are some tips to easily create memories and to capture the joy of the season.

1. Use Burst Mode

Capturing holiday memories with your phone can be hard to shoot. When taking a picture A tiny bit of moment will ruin the perfect image. The burst mode on a phone is a quick and easy solution. Follow these steps, start holding down on the shutter button. This will trigger the burst mode to take shots continuously till you let go. After you take the shot, you can go in and choose the image that looks the best. If you taking a picture of animals or children his tool will help you get a great shot even if they are in motion when the shot was taken.Holiday Memories Cell Phone Photography


2. Capture Beautiful Food Photos

Christmas is all about delicious food and deserts. Cookie swaps and neighbor gifts are a delight as we taste homemade treats from everyone’s kitchen. Hours are spent creating the most beautiful and mouth watering cookies. To capture the food, take a moment to get close and take a picture of each detail. Or shoot from above to show the shape and color of each cookie. Please take note that getting your phone to lay straight may be a challenge. You may think the image is parallel but it may be slightly tilted; review your shot to make sure the shapes are as displayed.

Cell Phone Thanksgiving Photography

3. Tell the Story

Christmas time is all about the memories and capturing the story. We talk about what the most memorable Christmas was for years. To enhance the story, take pictures in the process. Capture holiday memories by taking pictures of the presents being wrapped and under the tree. You can create lasting memories by taking pictures of your kids in each moment.

Holiday Memories Phone

4. Use Live Photo or Motion Shot to Capture Movement

Taking a motion shot on a mobile phone captures a 1.5 second video of audio both before and after you press the shutter button to take the photo. The shot captured is the still image that was saved when you tapped on the shutter. You can press play to see the 3 second moving image of the before and after of the shot.

Live photos discard all video footage that is 3 seconds or longer. By taking the a live photo the camera will record a 1.5 second shot taken before and after the shot. Use live photo when trying to gather the senses of the picture. You can easily capture the sound of rushing water coming from a waterfall or a woodpecker. Live Photos also help capture holiday memories by photographing fidgety children and people. It captures the before and after so you can stay in focus and easily take a great shot.

Holiday Memories mobile Photography


5. Shoot the Lights using Bokeh

With bokeh you can easily catch the beauty of Christmas Lights. Bokeh is a light effect that is created by using the light and lens together to create blur in an artful way. With a smartphone, create the bokeh effect with just your phone or there are a few great apps to create the blurry background. Newer phones have portrait mode or selective focus that can create a fantastic background blur.
To create bokeh, Tap on the screen to lock the focus. This can easily be done by holding down the focus button for 1 second. The AE/AF lock will appear on the screen and then the focus will be locked.
With the AE/AF lock the focus will stay the same so you can move your phone to capture the whole subject. This will create a bokeh effect. If you are taking a picture of your Christmas tree, get as close to a bulb as you can. Then turn on the AE/AF lock feature to lock the bulb in place, next, pull the phone away to capture the whole tree. Then your shot will show a beautiful bokeh image with glowing light flickers.

Mobile Photography Bokeh

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