How to Shoot Quality Mobile Phone Video

Shoot Quality Mobile Phone Video

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May 18, 2018

Shooting quality mobile phone video is quick and easy to do. Switch to the video mode and you are good to go. I am learning how to use video on my phone and there are a few great tips that can help. The settings for video will help you improve the quality of your images. Learning when to use slow motion and time lapse can greatly enhance any movie.

Settings for Video

Mobile phones are capable of shooting a few different resolutions and frame rates. To find these settings, you can look on the settings gear wheel that is often on the right side of the camera app. In Apple, the video settings are located in the settings and camera section.

The types of video are:

  • 720p HD at 30 fps: This is resolution/ frame rate combination is for saving space. The size 720p stands for the number of pixels the image has per frame. The standard pixel size for shooting video is 1080p, so it is a more condensed file with lower resolution. The 30 fps means the number of frames per second. Use 30fps on mobile phone video to show cinematic quality with mobile phone video.
  • 1080p HD at 30 fps: Is one of the most standard settings for shooting mobile phone video. The resolution is how many pixels are captured in each frame. 1080p stands for (1920 x 1080). This footage looks like what you would have seen in real life.
  • 1080 HD at 60 fps: Use 1080 HD to capture more frames to create a more fluid video. Videos with 60 frames per second or higher can be turned into slow motion. If you would like to shoot at 60 seconds and then slow down the video. It is important to understand what rate slow motion gets slower. 120 fps is five times slower than normal speed, and 240fps is 10 times slower. This can help you if you would like to edit your video in slow motion later.
  • 4K Video: 4K is a term that is used in reference to the resolution of an electronic display. This could be your TV, laptop, or iPad. The resolution means how many pixels there are in the display. Pixels are the dots that make up on-screen images. The more pixels the sharper and realistic the image looks. 4K is also known at Ultra High Definition. 4K video is shot in a resolution of 3840 x 2160. To shoot in 4K you must manually choose 4K in the settings. Shooting in 4K is a good idea because most screens in the future will be capable of displaying in 4K resolution or higher. This will help you take great mobile phone video that can be saved in the future. People prefer to watch video in 1080p, but you can crop in on a 4k video without losing the quality of the final image. Shooting in 4K does take up a lot more space than 1080p.

Mobile Phone Video: Slow-Motion

To shoot in slow mode you can either slide on the camera modes for iPhone and Samsung S9 or on the camera menus on other Android phones. One thing to note when taking slow motion is that is takes a few seconds for the slow motion to start. Your phone will automatically slow down the middle 80 percent of the video. On an iPhone you can tap on the Edit button and alter where you want the slow motion to start and end by sliding the little hash marks left and right.

Time-Lapse or Hyper-lapse for Mobile Phones

Time-lapse mobile phone video is very easy to capture artistic and creative recordings. To access the time lapse camera slide to find the mode or go into the menu mode. Also, tap on the record button to start the time lapse. Make sure your phone is stabilized with a tripod so it does not move. Movement will make the video uneven and not enjoyable to watch. Time-lapse works best with environments that change slowly. The sun moving across the sky or people walking through crowded areas.
Time lapse takes a picture every second. It is the opposite of slow motion. The frame rate is very slow so it looks like objects are moving faster when played back at normal speed. 30 seconds of time lapse footage can be minutes of recording.


Taking your Mobile Phone Video to the Next Level

Getting your videography to the next level requires gear.  The smallest and most versatile product is a tripod. Joby sells some great gear. The Gorillapod is the most popular. This tripod can be used on all terrain and is compact. The Manfrotto Pixi is stable but small. The slightly stronger metal frame makes it more stable in various conditions. For stabilizers the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 had motion tracking and pan and tilt capabilities. It is the top stabilizer in the market. Mobile photography gear is a great way to enhance your videography.

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