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December 26, 2018

Here are some quick Instagram tips to help you create better filters. Sharing and editing images on Instagram may be second nature to you. I often edit my images in one app and then upload them to Instagram. The images turn out great but then I find myself spending too much time editing and uploading. Let’s go deeper and learn some great Instagram tips.

Instagram Tips Cell Phone Photography

1. Choose an Image From Different Albums

Uploading an image on Instagram is very simple. Just tap on the plus button in the app and choose your favorite image from your camera roll. Well, not all images are in the camera roll, sometimes they are saved to an album. To access that album just tap on the top center icon that says “All Photos” to choose another album. Follow this easy Instagram tip to quickly upload images instead of scrolling through all your photos.

Instagram Tips Filter

2- Increase the Intensity with the Lux Feature

Next, tap on the sun feature in the top center of the app to adjust the intensity of the lights and dark’s in the image. If you took a shot and it is slightly too dark you can quickly adjust the lighting. By sliding to the right, the colors will become more intense. For a less saturated look, slide to the left.  It can create better exposure by adding detail from areas that are too dark or light.

3. Change the Filter Strength

Instagram has so many filters but sometimes it is nice to show a more natural look. You may want to lighten effects from the  filter. To do this, decrease the filter strength by double tapping on the filter. The slider is rated from 1-100 with 1 being the lowest strength to 100 being the highest. Then use this quick Instagram tip to simply slide along the scale to find the perfect look.

Instagram Tips Filters


4. Tap to for Finer Edits

The slider is a great tool for editing but sometimes it may be hard to get it in the exact spot. For simple tweaks you can tap once to adjust the slider by 1 point. Tap to the left of the center circle to move the slider down one number. Next, tap on the right to adjust up one number.

5. Add a Border

Do you find the border on Polaroid images timeless? You can easily add a border to any image. All you need to do is double tap on a filter and the slider and border box icon will appear. Tap on the square box to add  add or remove a border. Different filters have a different style, so it may be fun to see which border you like the best.

Instagram Tips smartphone Photography

6. Tap to Compare the Old and New Look

Often when editing it is easy to overdo it without noticing the drastic change from the original. It is easy to over edit an image and although it looks beautiful it may be slightly unrealistic. If you can only see your last edits it is hard to know how much it has changed. By holding on the image for a second you can quickly go back and see the original image.

7. Mark Where you Already Edited

If you start editing an image  you can switch the filter but the edits will stay. To see what changes you have already made a tiny gray dot is put below any effect you have added. This is an easy way to track what you have edited or go back in and adjust an image if you switched filters.

Instagram Tips Mobile Photography

Here are some Instagram tips that can help you edit pictures easier. Here are additional tips on how to take better pictures with your phone. Please check out the blog posts below.

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