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July 17, 2019

The Lens Distortions App is one of the best apps to create realistic effects and lens flares on your mobile phone. If your images lack life and need a little spark to enhance your photo, this app is a great option. Do your pictures of rain look like there is a gray cloud in the background but no glimpse of the actual raindrops? Use this app to add realistic rain to your photo.

Don’t forget to add sparkle to portraits to bring out a smile. Take a scenic view, and add a natural touch to your photo to bring the story to life. The Lens Distortions app is a quick way to distinguish your photos with the highest quality effects. In this post, we will go through the filters and how to navigate through this app. This app can be downloaded on and Android and iPhone.

Lens Flare

Tips to Add Dazzling Effects and Lens Flare with the Lens Distortions App

The lens distortions app has many texture filters to enhance any photo. These filters can add stunning light flares to forests or fog to a winter scene to create a moody vibe. Add a luminary effect to a portrait to give the image more depth. Try any of the filters from the ten specific categories in the filter gallery. Enjoy five filters from each category for free.  In addition to the free filters, you can unlock the full suite by subscribing with a minimal cost of one dollar a month.

Lens Distortions Rain


  • Classic Light Hits- This pack includes round sunlike features that gradually diffuse light as the size increases. It is great for adding sunlight to photos that were taken on a cloudy day, and the light looks dull and flat.
  • Principle Light Hits- Try this category of filters if you want to create photos that have the lens flare technique. Lens flares will increase the drama of the sun and are a great way to add life to sunrise and sunset photos. They also add life to photos of forests.
  • Luminary- Use this filter if you want to add bling or shiny elements to your photos. Add this effect to anything that that reflects light. Add this Lens Distortion App filter to photos with water, earrings, headlights, mirrors, and more. This will enhance the natural bling and make them pop.
  • Legacy- Add a bokeh effect or a blur with the Legacy filter categories. This pack is simple and adds a little touch of detail and glimmer to your image. Use this filter on photos where the clouds need some vibrant views or to blur out an unpleasant background.
  • Fog ll- Do you want to change the mood of your image? Adding a fog filter is a great way to change the feeling of the image. This filter works well with dark scenes of trees. Enhance a cloudy day by adding fog.
  • Rain- This filter is great to use when capturing photos of the rain. Normally, when you take a photo on your phone falling rain is not captured. The sky just looks gray. You will need to go into the Lens Distortions app to add rain and detailed clouds.
  • Classic Snow and Ethereal Snow- When it’s snowing it is hard to capture the detail of the flakes falling. You can take an excellent photo but often the details are lost. Use the snow features to add snow.
  • Shimmer- Add a glow and light to a portrait or image. This filter can add pizzazz to any landscape by adding a touch of light throughout the image.
  • Eclipse- If you want to create an extraterrestrial style or a lens distortion to your image, try the eclipse tool. Diminish the brightness to add a touch of light in areas that look dull.


Lens Distortions Apps

Editing the Filter Options

After you have added a filter it may need some additional edits. The gray menu bar above the layer has editing options. The menu options include these features: add layer, softness, brightness, opacity, contrast, saturation, color, flip H, and flip V. With these options you will be able to increase or decrease the blur or enhance the brightness.

  • Softness- This filter adjusts the softness or strength of the filter. Decrease the softness do lessen the effect of harsh lines in your photo.
  • Brightness- If your image is underexposed use this Lens Distortion App filter to increase the light in the photo.
  • Opacity- Sometimes you may want to add the lightest touch with a specific filter. Decrease the opacity to see less of the image.
  • Contrast- To enhance the filter and create a more dynamic view increase the contrast to bright out the highlight in the filter.
  • Saturation- Bring out the color of the additional filter by adjusting the saturation.
  • Color- If you find that the specific color in your lens distortion is too much for your image. Tap on the slider to see how the colors change.
  • Flip H andFlip V- To change the view of the filter adjust the horizontal and vertical flip.


Adding and Deleting Layers

One of the best features of the Lens Distortion App is the ability to add filter layers on top of other filters. For example, this works great if you are adding both clouds and rain to your photos. One layer can be clouds and the other rain. You can add up to three layers. To do this click on the “add layer” feature. Then you can choose the filter you want to add.

To edit previous filters tap on the filter and make sure it is highlighted in gray. Then you can quickly edit the filter. To delete a filter slide the layer to the left. Then a red remove button will appear and you tap on it to instantly delete the layer.

Lens Flare Distortions App

Saving the Image

The last step is to save your image. Tap on the download option to save your photo, and choose the app or place to save the image. I usually save my photos to the camera roll or save the file. You can also import the photo instantly to Instagram and other social media platforms.

Lens Distortions App Snow

Lens Distortions App Recap

The lens distortions app is recommended for adding filters. The app is the most comprehensive app for adding filters in the industry. Filters can add stunning light flares to forests or fog to a winter scene to create a moody vibe. Add a luminary effect to a portrait to give the image more depth. Try any of the filters from the ten specific categories in the filter gallery. You can add layers and delete to enhance the overall view of the image.

This app includes a very versatile list of filters that can be added to any image. Try it today and let me know in the comments what you think of this app.

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