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September 5, 2018

Adjust the Light

            Lightroom CC Mobile’s light editing option is one of the greatest features in any editing app. The depth and scope at which you can edit the light in an image is phenomenal. You can easily adjust the curve of any color. When adjusting the curve in the beginning it may sound complicated but in Lightroom CC Mobile is very simple once you know some quick terms. Once you open the curve option on the app there is a diagonal line throughout the box. The bottom 1/3 represents the shadows, the middle area represents the midtones, and the top is the highlights. Easily adjust the curve for the whole shot or edit individually by the color. You can also edit the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks. Play around with these settings, and to reset the slider just double tap.

Lightroom cc mobile details

Mix and Alter the Color

            Getting the right color balance in editing mobile pictures is really hard. Often times we will take a picture outside and it is so sunny or cloudy that the white balance may be off. The Sun has a more orange tint and clouds have a blueish tint. This can make pictures look unrealistic. To change this there are many features you can edit in Lightroom CC Mobile. Tap on the color icon to see all the possibilities. Tap on the white balance eye dropper to see how the white balance will look with different light and colors. You can slide to change the temperature, tint, vibrance and saturation of any image. To get more in-depth detail to the color you can tap on color mix and change the hue, saturation, and luminance for all colors. Change a picture quickly from color to black and white with the black and white option on the upper left hand corner. By editing the color you can make your images more vibrant and lively.

Add Clarity with Effects

            The effects category in Lightroom CC Mobile can add the finishing touches. These effects are supposed to enhance the picture in a subtle way. You can adjust the clarity, dehaze and image, or add a vignette. There are also many additional effects that you can add to your image. The spilt tone feature is also only found on the Lightroom Mobile App. This allows you to be able edit two different tones and make the colors more dynamic or complementary depending on what you want the end result of your image to be.

Lightroom cc mobile Light

Sharpen the Detail

            Detail is sometimes hard to capture in mobile photography. Using Lightroom Mobile will give you the opportunity to enhance some of the detail of your shot. You can sharpen an image and control the amount of detail easily. You can also use the noise reduction feature to decrease the graininess of the image. This feature can greatly improve your shot if you took the image in a dark area or at night. Also, you can adjust the color noise reduction to improve the color.

Save Your presets

            Lightroom Mobile’s features are for improving your editing but also for saving time. It takes a long time to edit each image. Often we want images that look similar, with the same look and feel. Saving presets on Lightroom Mobile is simple. After you have edited your image go to the presets option on your phone. Tap on the three dots on the right hand side and choose create or manage presets. You can create a preset group and choose all the features you want included in your presets. Then, the next time you go to edit your picture you can add your presets and make a few minor changes instead of starting from the beginning.

Learning Lightroom Mobile is easy if you have a few moments to play around, download the app right here and start using a few of these tips. Please share your before and after pictures on Instagram at #mobilepicx.


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