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LitraTorch Review

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February 20, 2019

The LitraTorch is one of the greatest adventure lights. It is a fantastic mobile photography light that can deliver up to 800 lumens of 5700 Kelvin light (daylight temperature.) The cube is 1.5 x.1.5 inch and can be used in heat, cold, underwater, and is drop proof.  The Litra Torch is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The LitraTorch has an embedded magnet for attachment to metallic surfaces. The face has a cube where eight LED lights provide the source of light. Lumen settings include a 100, 450, or 800, or a 2200 lumen blinking strobe. You can quickly turn on the light by holding down the button on top and tapping each time to increase the light. The first setting is 100 lumens and is the dimmest, on that setting the battery will last for about four hours. At the brightest setting 800 lumens the battery lasts for 35 min. If you are using the strobe,  it  will last for up to seven hours. You can easily attach it to a tripod with the standard ¼-20 tripod mount thread. The on/off button changes color to indicate battery status. This adventure light works well on land or in water up to 30 ft/10 m.

Litra torch packaging

Litra Torch- Cell Phone Lighting


The LitraTorch is an excellent go to light that can be used for mobile photography, and videography.  Easily add light to a scene or subject. The torch well made and has a diffuser bulb and silicone sleeve that make it easier to use. The Litra torch is built with the finest quality materials but is very small and light for easy transport.  The size is 1.5 x1.5 inches to fit in a bag or a pocket. Also, the torch has a ¼-20 tripod mount to quickly be added to a tripod. I like to attach mine to a Joby Gorillapod tripod, so I can alter the height of the light. You can also try additional accessories like filters that attach on which make the light different colors. These filters are great for portrait photography because the white light can be too harsh.LitraTorch Adventure Light


The LitraTorch can get hot if you do not use the silicone sleeve and it can be to hot to touch. I suggest using it with the sleeve if you are using it for more than five minutes or if you are on the highest setting which lets out 800 lumens. The battery life is good but with Li-ion batteries they have a limited lifespan and cannot last forever.

LitraTorch Review


The LitraTorch is a great product for mobile photography due to its durability, flexibility and price compared to other lights. It is excellent for everyday use in photography and videography. Click here to purchase the LitraTorch and to learn more.

Litra Torch- Mobile Photography Light

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