What Are The Best Manual Mode Camera Apps for Android?

manual mode camera apps for android

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July 25, 2018

With the focus of making better cameras, manual mode camera apps for android have improved. Smartphone’s now have so many apps that they can turn into really good cameras. In the past few years, manual mode has been introduced to mobile photography. To take better pictures you need to be able to change the camera settings of ISO or shutter speed. Also with many of these apps you can change focus and exposure. Here is an overview of some of the best apps for shooting images in manual mode.

Open Camera

Open Camera is a manual mode app and is considered one of the best Android camera apps. The pictures are sharp and have clear focus. The manual mode control features make it easy to take a great picture. With this app you are able to adjust the ISO incrementally which makes it easy for learning mobile photography. The focus features on this app has amazing tools which include auto, infinity macro, locked, fixed and continuous picture focus.

Price: Free


Open Camera App


Footej is the most simple and powerful manual mode app for Android. This app includes manual ISO and shutter speed control, burst mode and animated GIFs. Easily change settings by sliding from focus to exposure, to white balance, grid lines, and timer. This app helps you compose great shots by choosing from six options for composition grids.


Footej Camera App

Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX can help you take stunning photos on with manual modes. This mode is filled with features that the standard camera app does not include. A major feature of this app is that it can capture 50 shots per second. This is perfect for capturing action, kids, and pets. This camera has basic features that you can use but the best ones are accessible only if you purchase the upgrade for $3.99.

Price: Free but $3.99 for additional features

Camera Zoom FX

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 may be one of the most advanced manual mode apps for Android.  In this app you can easily adjust the exposure compensation, ISO, Light metering and focus mode. The manual shutter speed can capture images from a range 1/800000 to 60”. This app comes with exposure bracketing for more advanced photography. Try this app today to learn how to improve your photography.

Price: $3.95

Camera FV-5 App


VSCO is one of the  great manual mode camera apps for android if you want to take better pictures.  The VSCO camera provides additional manual mode options and is free. In manual mode it is easy to shoot in RAW.  RAW files are minimally processed files and are not compressed so you’re able to create higher quality images. JPG images are compressed and some of the image information is lost. The other features can help you improve your mobile photographs. Easily adjust the white balance in the VSCO app and change the exposure compensation quickly and easily.

Price: Free

VSCO camera app

Try one or all these apps for enhanced photography options on your phone. It may take a little bit of practice and trial and error to learn the new technology. If you are an Android user here are some great tips to help you use manual mode camera apps for Android.

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