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How we Connect

We are an increasingly visual society; we communicate through images. There has been such a boom in the media with movies, smartphone photography, video chat, Youtube, and Instagram. We want to see the world and not just talk about it. We want to experience the world. Words are important, but a picture is worth a thousand words.” We want those images, ideas, and thoughts to connect us to each other. The more clearly and expressively we can capture images, the better we can connect to those people’s images we are viewing. Who doesn’t want to have a better connection to the world?

I am Nicole- This is my Story

In January 2017, I wanted to learn photography. What do I do? I thought, “I don’t have money for an expensive camera, but I have my smartphone”. So I set out to teach myself smartphone photography. I went online to see if I could get some help. I was not a photographer, and my smartphone pictures were not great.  The information and research that I thought was important and valuable was just not available online. I couldn’t find easy tutorials that would really help me learn how to take pictures with mobile photography. I asked my friends what they knew and if they could teach me. Still, they knew very little about smartphone photography. I am not the only one who wanted to take better photographs with a smartphone.

The Beginning of PicxTrix

I set out to create PicxTrix, which teaches you how to take pictures with your phone. I want to give you the opportunity to learn about the highest quality smartphone photography products in the industry. My purpose is to help you learn how to take pictures that portray your thoughts, ideas, and dreams.  To be able to share each image and create a better connection with each other. I am excited to share my adventure with you and hope to connect to you through every moment.

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