5 Amazing Mobile Photography Ideas for Winter Photos

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January 29, 2019

Have you run out of mobile photography ideas? It seems like with so much snow and very little color it can be hard to find inspiration for photography. With cold weather, it also may not be as enjoyable to take pictures. Here are a few ideas to get you motivated again to take amazing pictures this winter.

Pictures of Fog

One of the easiest mobile photography ideas for better winter photos is to embrace the dull color of a foggy day (or smoggy day in my city). On foggy days when everything seems lifeless and dull with only the color grey, it can be an excellent opportunity to take pictures. A downtown scene may seem more mysterious. Fog diminishes the effects in the background and makes the foreground stand out.

Mobile Photography Winter Ideas

Photograph Falling Snow

Capturing falling snow is one of the most magical mobile photography ideas. Snowflakes are so beautiful and bring life to the foreground and background of a photo. Flakes in the background bring texture to the image. Foreground snowflakes bring life and motion to the photo. You can easily take a stunning portrait or scenic shot while it is snowing.

best app for photo editing

Adjust the White Balance

Snow can often have a blue tint when it is taken although the snow is white. One easy mobile photography idea is to adjust the white balance if the image is blue. It is best if you use a 3rd party app or pro mode to change the white balance to cloudy or set the kelvin degrees so the image is white.

Mobile Photography white Balance

Cozy Days

One of the best parts of winter is staying warm inside, eating comfort food, and making your environment inviting. Next time you want to be warm, take a second to capture one of these mobile photography ideas by getting something warm to drink and a good book. Snap a shot before you enjoy a relaxing night.

Mobile Photography Cozy

Capture Winter’s Long Shadows

The light in winter is very different than it is in the summer. The trees cast longer shadows which are great to capture light and shadows. One the easiest mobile photography ideas is to take pictures of light seeping through trees. In the winter, the shadows create a longer view and feel. This can make creative and creepy photos that tell a great story.

Mobile photography ideas Long shadows

Here are a few mobile photography ideas to help you get motivated to take great pictures. When taking pictures, remember that it may be really cold. A great picture may take a second of hand numbing fun to get the right shot. Also,keep your phone warm because the battery also gets weaker when outside and you will not have as long of battery life. To learn more, please see the topics below about mobile photography. You can also get tips and tricks by subscribing below.


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