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February 27, 2019

One of the best mobile photography tips to focus on is composition. By taking some time to look at the artistic elements in a photo, you can quickly improve your mobile photography. It may take some practice to improve your composition due to the abstract nature of composition. Here are a few mobile photography tips that will help us define the subject of the story. We will discuss how to improve the balance of the image in different settings, to alter the point of view,  and focus on simplicity.

Define the Subject of the Story

Have you ever seen a picture that didn’t have a clearly defined story?  Good composition is about creating clear definitions of what the subject and the background are. This is one of the easiest mobile photography tips to implement.  The first step is to notice if the background is competing with the subject. Unclear images happen if the shot is taken from a wide angle view and the subject is a similar size to other objects in the image. This can happen if there is too much going on in the image. To solve this problem, pick a subject such as a person and get closer to clearly define the story in the image.

2 Subject Mobile Photography Tips

Notice how the rock in the background is competing with the subject.

Subject Mobile Photography Tips

Now the subject is the main focus in the image and the rock is in the background.

Balance Your Image

Balance is a rather vague term,  but when you see an image that lacks balance it looks rather dull. There may be a beautiful sky, mountains, and grass,  which are all great features to a good picture, but the image lacks balance. Some mobile photography tips to take in account are: where is the horizon? What is the subject and where are they located? How does the image attract the viewer’s eye?  Here are some tips for creating balance.

Balance Mobile Photography Tips

The plateau on the right side balances the red rocks on the left side

Color Balance

When taking a picture, notice the colors that provide contrast in the image. If it is a snowy day the image may look as though it lacks color. Is there something you can add? Try a change of angle that will bring a dark feature into the image that will create balance.  A similar tone on different places in the image is a great way to balance the color.

Simplicity Mobile Photography Tips

Shape Structure

Creating balance requires looking at the picture in a simplistic view of shapes. By using triangles, rectangles and squares you can create balance.  Triangles are one of the most visually pleasing and easy ways to create balance. This may mean taking a picture of a mountain and a person to create a triangle from the tip of the mountain to the straight line of the person. By using these simple mobile photography tips you can create a balanced shape structure.

View Mobile Photography Tips

Empty Space

One of the most difficult ways to create balance in a shot is to use empty space. It may take a little bit of practice to understand how much white space should be in an image. Try lots of different ideas one example is to use the rule of thirds to create balance with white space.

White Space Mobile Photography Tips

Point of View

Have you ever gone on a vacation and felt that you have taken so many great pictures? Then you go home to realize that all the mobile images look the same although they were at different locations. This is because you probably took all your shots at eye level. By shooting, pictures at the same angle many details are missing from the story. Taking a picture from a different angle changes the point of view and tells the story of the subject. This is one of the best mobile photography tips that you need to focus on when you are shooting. By changing the point of view you can take boring subject matter and create a fascinating image full of emotion.

Angle Mobile Photography Tips


One of the key features of a good image is simplicity. As a photographer,we have to choose what we put in an image. Often we want to capture the entire world, but we need to learn how to subtract the things we don’t on the image. One of the easiest ways to create a simpler image is to frame your shot and then look around the edges of the image for items that seem like they do not belong. Often, getting closer is a way to get a simpler shot.

By trying these mobile photography tips you can easily take better pictures on any phone. With a little practice,  your images will tell a better story. To learn more please check out these additional blogs below or subscribe at picxtrix.com

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