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January 2, 2019

Olloclip Multi-Device Lens is the all-new lens for any device. Olloclip has the top lenses in the mobile photography industry. For many years the company only made lenses for iPhones, this left many mobile photographers without a place to get high quality lenses. In the last six months, Olloclip created a clip to attach to almost any phone. These lenses make it easier to take fantastic wide angle shots, macro, and telephoto images. They introduced an easy way to swap with any  lens through the Connect X Lens System. These lenses work great with all camera apps and are a great way to take video, time-lapse, and panoramas. Here is a review of the lenses explaining the features, pros, and cons.

Olloclip Multi Device Macro Lens


The Olloclip Multi-Device Lens is a great product for anyone who loves to take pictures with a mobile phone. Olloclip now has a range of medium to high priced products, the lower priced intro set, mid-range  essential lens, and the pro series. Try the intro line which is a great lens for any beginner. The intro line offers a wide angle and macro lens for $39.99. With high quality optics you can take beautiful scenic shots with the wide angle intro lens. This lens is fantastic for everyday use. Keep it in your purse for quick and easy accessibility.

The Essential lens series has higher quality optics and can enhance your views with a greater range of view. The essential series lenses include fisheye, super-wide or ultra-wide, macro 7x, 14x, 21x. These lenses can easily be switched out of any clip from the Connect X Lens System. These range in price from $44.99-$119.99 USD for a 3 set of lenses.The pro series has two lenses the super-wide pro lens, and the telephoto pro lens. These lenses are made with premium glass and is the best way to get amazing shots on your mobile phone. These are priced around $100 USD.

The Olloclip Multi- Device Lens is compatible with:

  • Without a case for Samsung Products, like a Galaxy S9.
  • With a thin case for all Google Pixel Products.
  • With a thin case for all Apple Products.

Click here to see if your device is compatible with this

Olloclip Multi Device


The Olloclip Multi-Device Lens is great for taking any kind of shot on your mobile phone. These lenses give you a wide field of view or very close up detail. One of the advantages of Olloclip is that they have a swappable design. It is easy to switch out lenses and purchase only the lenses you need. The clip makes it easy to put on and off the lens depending on the shot. The pro series lenses have the least amount of distortion compared to the intro and essential lenses.

Telephoto Cell Phone lens


Although the Olloclip Muli-Device Lens is a great product, there are some disadvantages. If you have a Samsung camera you may need to take the case off to use the lens. The clip fits over other phones with a thin case but not all of them. Another disadvantage is that it may be hard to find the sweet spot to place the lens.

It takes a second to get the lens to align straight and if it is not aligned it will show dark edges over the clip. It will take some practice on how to get the alignment right but it helps to look at it on the lens side and see if it is centered. If you take a picture with the dark edges you can easily crop the image to get rid of that effect.

Wide angle and macro lens

To learn more about each individual product or to purchase the lens, please check out the links below.

Wide Angle and Macro Lens Multi Device Clip

Macro 7x, 14x, 21x Olloclip Multi Device Cell Phone Lens

Multi Clip Ultra-Wide and Telephoto 2x Smartphone Camera Lens


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