5 Phone Camera Hacks to Take Flawless Pictures

Phone camera hacks

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October 3, 2018

Here are some easy phone camera hacks from everyday items that can be found around your house. Try these tips to take flawless pictures with a creative flare. By trying these new hacks, you will instantly improve your mobile photographs.

1. Lace Shadows

To get a new view on a portrait or a still life, practice taking shots with lace covering the subject or as a shadow. This phone camera hack will provide a different view that may be slightly mysterious and lead the viewer into the story. Also showing the shadow of lace, it can make the image look more abstract and artistic.

Lace cell phone photo

2. Plastic Bag Filter

Filters are easy to add on Instagram, but you don’t get the control or the artistic effect that you can by creating your own. The plastic bag filter is one of the easiest phone camera hacks to create. This effect works best when you use a little bit of creativity and try different ways. You could scrunch up the bag and place it halfway over the frame. Or you could just do one layer over the whole frame. You could color in markers over it making a semi-transparent design that could be in the image. There are many ways you can use a bag to create great shots.

3. Prism

Photography is the art of playing with light to capture an image. Using a prism is a great way to bend light and to expand your skills. Prisms have an added ability to bend light to create beauty. When light comes in contact with glass at an angle it is called refraction which causes the wavelengths to bend. Each color bends at a different color. That is why, when looking through a prism you can often see a rainbow.

Mobile phone camera hacks

4. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can help you get some amazing pictures and they are very cheap. Some of the best ways to use fairy lights are to use them as a foreground bokeh close to the lens. This will make the light look like fuzzy dots and add a great element to your shot. You can also use them as a way to illuminate objects like a Mason jar or a light bulb. This quick phone camera hack will help you take the best mobile photography shots.

Best camera hacks

5. Glass Ball

Glass ball photography can be fascinating but is an easy way to shoot. You can easily purchase a glass ball or globe online. It is important to understand the principle of refraction when taking a photograph of a glass ball. This is when light is bent through a glass sphere and the image bends inverting the image. When you take an image with a glass ball the image is always inverted. Take a great image with a glass ball by getting as close as you can to fill the frame. One thing to note is that a bright lit subject will shine through the ball with less reflection appearing on the ball. Try to take pictures when the sun is behind you. You may also need to use a tripod for greater stability when taking the shot.

Glass ball mobile hacks


These mobile phone camera hacks are easy ways to take the best shots. Try taking better pictures by experimenting with lace shadows, a plastic bag filter, a prism, fairy lights or a glass ball.

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