How To Take Stunning Thanksgiving Dinner Photos With your Phone

How To Take Thanksgiving Dinner Photos

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November 15, 2019

Taking pictures of Thanksgiving Dinner with a phone can be hard to capture and somewhat overwhelming. Here are a few tips to savior those moments and also capture them quickly and easy. On Thanksgiving, we are so busy eating that we forget to capture each moment. Taking pictures of the food, family, and friends can make your holiday better this year.

One of the hardest parts about taking pictures of Thanksgiving Dinner is getting the right shot of the meal. You may spend all day in the kitchen with nothing to show after. It is sad to not capture the beauty of the moment. Here are some quick tips to get great food and family photography.

Get Close to The Detail

When taking photos of food, capturing every detail is the key. Get close to show the detail and beauty of all the food. Frame the shot so the food fills the image and you are able to capture the appetizing delight in the photo. Each dish has been prepared carefully so take the time to get every detail in your shot.

Cell Phone Thanksgiving Photography

Shoot From Above

Capture the shape and feel and picture of Thanksgiving Dinner by shooting from above. This creates shape and color contrast in your photo. Shooting from above shows the story and is very popular on Instagram and social media. Arrange your setting with a table top view or just one plate of food. You may want to use a nice tablecloth, and set the table so it looks beautiful. Then shoot from above the image by standing. Please take note that getting your phone to lay straight may be a challenge. You may think the image is parallel but it may be slightly tilted, review your shot to make sure the shapes are as displayed.

The iPhone has a little cross hair feature that match up when shooting from above to help you get your image straight. Other apps like Lightroom mobile and manual modes often have a bar that helps you know if your camera is level.

Smartphone Pictures Thanksgiving

Take the Picture by a Window

When taking pictures inside it is important to position the shot next to natural light. Although, turning on the light can bring the added light to make the image light, it can cast strange shadows and unflattering colors to the shot. The natural light from the window will add great light and diffuse the image. To improve the shot, you may want to use a white poster board as a reflector.

Thanksgiving Pictures Smartphone

Lighting Tips

If you are in an area where it is dark and there is no natural light nearby. You can turn the flashlight on your friend’s phone and place a Kleenex over the light to diffuse the light and make it less harsh. This will give your shot the light it needs to look great. You can also try portable lights that will help you take better pictures. The Litra Torch is an excellent small light that can fit into your pocket and has three options for better light.

Thanksgiving Mobile Photos

The Family Shot

Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving Dinner without taking some family and friend shots. To do this easily and quickly set your phone on a tripod and use a Joby Impulse remote for taking the shot. The timer works but sometimes people are rushing to get into the shot and are not prepared. You can have control over the shot with a remote.

Taking pictures of Thanksgiving Dinner with your phone can take some planning and practice but it is an excellent way to share that moment with your friends and family for years to come. It may be capturing Aunt Jane’s famous potatoes to remember and to pass down the recipe. With these tips you can quickly take great shots. Please check out these blog posts for more information on how to take amazing pictures with your phone. For tips delivered to your inbox subscribe to

Thanksgiving Dinner Mobile Photos

Please check out these blog posts for more information on how to take amazing pictures with your phone.

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