Filmmaking Kit Pro

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The filmmaking pro kit is great if you want to create world-class videos on your phone. With this kit create stabilized hands-free shots, with improved stabilization, light, and flexibility

Included in the kit are:

  • Twist Grip Accessory Handle
  • Twist Grip Accessory Bar
  • Twistgrip Handle
  • Light- Litra Torch
  • Bluetooth Remote- Joby Impulse

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Create stunning videos with the filmmaking pro kit. This bundle comes with a the TwistGrip Stabilization Kit, the Litra Torch Light, and a Joby Bluetooth Remote. Improve your videography and photography by attaching the Manfrotto TwistGrip Mount to the HandGrip and Base Grip. Then add on the Litra Torch in those places where the lighting can be difficult for better video. Lastly, snap shots from a distance with the Bluetooth remote.

Twistgrip Clamp

HandGrip connects quickly and easily to TwistGrip’s base with its ¼” universal screw. Connect it to a tripod with screw attachment featured on its base.

  • Reliable grip rubber pads for secure grip of your phone
  • 1/4″-20 thread to use with other tripods and stands
  • Universal smartphone compatibility: the design supports iPhone and Android smartphones, with or without a case

Twistgrip Accessory Bar

The Manfrotto TwistGrip Accessory Bar can be used reduce blurriness in photos and to stabilize your phone. Improve your videography and photography by attaching the Manfrotto TwistGrip Mount to the HandGrip and Base Grip.

  • Designed for Manfrotto TwistGrip System
  • Slim and handy shape for easy pocket storage
  • Multiple universal connections for extra accessories

Twistgrip Handle

Holding the Manfrotto TwistGrip Handle will stabilize your phone as you capture video motion. It snaps on and off your camera with no extra parts needed.

  • Reliable grip rubber and strap for stabilized hand holding
  • Slim and handy shape for easy pocket storage
  • Universal ¼” screw for easy, stable connection to TwistGrip

Litra Torch

The Litra Torch is an all use filmmaking pro kit light that can deliver up to 800 lumens of 5700 Kelvin light (daylight temperature.) The cube is 1.5 x.1.5 inch and can be used in heat, cold, underwater, and is drop-proof.

  • 5700K Daylight Temperature
  • 2200 Lumen LED
  • Battery Life Up to 4 hrs
  • Waterproof up to 30ft/10 m

Bluetooth Remote- Joby Impulse

Snap selfies and group shots from a distance of up to 80 feet. With the easy set up you’ll only need to pair the remote to your phone once.


  • Certified Bluetooth® technology works up to 90 ft from phone
  • No App Required: Single button works with Apple & Android phones
  • Choose from any camera app, then press the remote button and now you have a stunning photo.

Additional information

Weight8.6 oz
Bluetooth Remote- Joby Impulse

Weight: 0.35 oz (0.01 kg)
Material: ABS Plastic
Dimensions: 1 x 1.25 x .39 in (2.6 x 3.2 x 1 cm)

TwistGrip Accessory Clamp

Weight: .38 oz
Dimensions: 4.5×2
Material: Aluminum

TwistGrip Bar

Weight: .38 oz
Dimensions: 7x4x2
Material: Aluminum

TwistGrip Handle

Weight: .38 oz
Dimensions: 7x4x2
Material: Aluminum

Litra Torch

Weight: .42 oz
Dimensions: 7 × 4 × 2 in
Size: 1.5 x 1.5 Cube
Lumen Settings: 100, 450, 800, 2200 Blinking Strobe
Temperature: 5700k Daylight Temperature


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