iPhone 6 Olloclip Active Lens


Capture every moment of your adventure with an iPhone 6 Olloclip Active Lens.

  • Telephoto
  • Ultra-Wide 

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Capture every moment of your adventure with an iPhone 6 Olloclip Active Lens. Each multi-functioning 2-in-1 lens includes Telephoto and Ultra-Wide Lenses. Improve your shot with the Telephoto- 2x optical zoom and Ultra-Wide field-of-view.  With the iPhone 6 Olloclip Active Lens you can shoot farther and wider than your iPhone’s built-in camera.  With an expanded field of view your mobile photography will improve. Get up close with telephoto photography or vast landscapes with a super-wide field-of-view. The iPhone camera lens aligns to the iPhone 7 and 8 for better front and back images.
Take better selfies with the clip on lens and switch it around for great rear photography. Try the all new iPhone 6 Olloclip Active Lens Lenses to improve your camera with interchangeable lenses. Seamlessly clips onto your phone in seconds by just removing the carrying case. iPhone 6 Olloclip Active Lens works with all camera apps. Enhance video, time-lapse, and panoramas. It fits in your pocket or is a wearable pendant. Increase clarity with precision coated ground glass optics to will improve your iPhone camera lens in seconds.


  • Telephoto- Use the iPhone 6 Olloclip Active Lens telephoto lens to capture stunning portraits. It will help your subject stand out from the background. Zoom in to get a better shot with the 2x telephoto lens to get closer to the action. You can get twice as close to your subject.
  • Ultra-Wide This lens provides a way to capture an expanded view of the world. Capture approximately double the field of view than that of a mobile phone. This enhances the depth of view for landscape and panoramas.


  • For iPhone 6/6s and 6 plus
  • Two versatile lens options included in box:
    • Ultra-Wide lens
    • Telephoto 2x lens
  • Fits seamlessly on both front and rear-facing cameras
  • Wearable lens carrying case for protection. The case can also be used as a tripod for your iPhone
  • Works with a Screen protector up to 0.5mm
  • Works with all camera apps and is great for video, time-lapse, and panoramas
  • Included in box:  The Active Lens Set, iPhone 6 clip, lens caps, and microfiber cloth

Additional information


Black with black case

Case and Attachments

Active Lens Set, iPhone 6 clip, lens caps, microfiber cloth


Height: 1.1 inches, Width: 2.2 inches, Depth: 1.7 inches, Weight: 1.4 ounces
Height: 27.7 mm, Width: 55.4 mm, Depth: 42.4 mm, Weight: 39.7 grams


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