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Snapseed editing app Tricks

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August 14, 2019

Try the Snapseed editing app to effortlessly improve your mobile photos. When first starting out in Snapseed it can feel overwhelming because there are so many options. To begin with, don’t worry about learning everything just focus on a few simple steps to automatically edit your photos. In this tutorial, we are going to focus on how to quickly edit your photos in Snapseed.

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You will discover how to use quick editing tools to create impressive photos in no time. We will discuss how to start editing, to add looks, auto edit and how to view edits and how to save a photo. Take a moment to get your phone out and download the editing app Snapseed and come learn with us. Snapseed is available on both Android and IOS.

Open and Start Using the Snapseed Editing App

There are two ways to open an image in Snapseed. When you first open the app, tap on the plus icon or anywhere to open the image. Next, you can choose which image you would like to open. You can choose from Open from Device, Camera, and Open Latest Image. Often, the best option is to choose “open from device” and then you can choose from any photo on your phone. Then tap on the photo you would like to open in the editing app Snapseed.


There are two editing options you can choose from, Looks or Tools. To quickly edit an image, “looks” is the best way to instantly adjust your image with different filters. Tap on the looks options to see the different options of looks you can instantly add to your image. Press down on the center of the image to see the original image. The last step is to tap on the checkmark if you are satisfied with the picture.


The tools feature in the Snapseed editing app has many editing options, filters, and advanced settings. Here are some very simple steps to edit quickly. The first step is to focus on learning how to Auto adjust the image. When you feel comfortable, you can learn more advanced editing tools.

Snapseed editing app tutorial

Auto Adjust

To auto adjust an image, begin by tapping on the tune image option. There are many settings in the “tune image” menu. First, we are going to focus on auto adjusting. To auto adjust an image, tap on the magic wand tool on the bottom menu. Once you tap on the magic wand tool, it will adjust the image by increasing or decreasing the brightness, contrast, and shadows instantly. Within a few seconds, you’re almost done editing your photo.

White Balance

The last step to quickly editing your photos in Snapseed, is to use automatically adjust the white balance. To do this, tap on your tools option and open White Balance. In the menu bar on the bottom, tap on the first option this is called the AW button or auto white balance button. Tap on the AW button to instantly adjust the white balance. Your image may brighten or darken creating a better look. Tap on the checkmark when you are satisfied with your image.

Snapseed Editing App Tips

View and Fix Edits

One of the best features in the Snapseed editing app is the option to View Edits and adjust them like layers in Photoshop. Tap on the layer icon with an arrow icon on the top navigation bar. Then tap on view edits. Up pops a list of all the edits you made. Tap on each edit to toggle through the edits you made. Press on the arrow on the left side to open the editing options for that filter. You can choose to delete the filter, add that filter with a paintbrush to specific areas or edit the image again. This is a way to prevent over-editing and make little changes to your image.

Snapseed Editing App Smartphone

Saving and Exporting Your Image

The last step for quickly editing photos in the Snapeed editing app is to save and export your photo. Tap on Export on the bottom menu to open the saving settings. You can choose from five saving settings so it can be confusing to choose the best one. The first option is to share the image. Use this filter if you want to instantly share to social media or to text or email the image to a friend.

Next, you can choose to open the image in a different app. This is great if you want to continue editing in another app like Lightroom Mobile. The next option is Save. This option saves over the original image but you can go back and undo the image if you change. I don’t recommend saving it just undersave because it is better to have the original image and a copy to edit in the future.

Tap on save a copy to create a copy with edits that you can go back and change in the future. Lastly, if you are finished editing your photo and don’t think you will make changes you can export a jpg with permanent changes. Exporting an image is good for sharing. When you tap on any of the saving options the image will be saved in the photo gallery on your phone under an album called Snapseed.

Snapseed Editing App 2019


Now as you can see, you can quickly edit photos on the Snapseed editing app. Your images will look better with just a few minutes. To recap, here are some quick tips for editing on Snapseed. First, add a look to enhance the feel and emotion in the image. Next, auto adjust the whole image under the tune image option and by tapping on the magic wand. Auto adjust the white balance by tapping on the AW button. Then tap on view edits to adjust the settings to the edits you have already made. The last step is to save and export your image. I recommend saving your photos as a copy instead of saving over the original image. Now, you can quickly edit and save photos in the Snapseed editing app.

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