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June 26, 2019

The TouchRetouch App is a fast way to remove objects from your cell phone photos. You can instantly erase powerlines, telephone poles, street signs, and blemishes. Now, instead of cringing when there is a powerline in your photo you can erase it so no one knows it was ever there. Although I often recommend free apps, this is one of the best paid apps in mobile photography.

This app is available for IOS and Android and costs $1.99. This app will save you time and energy as you edit photos quicker and better. Try the TouchRetouch app to remove big or small lines or repair a spot with the clone tool. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the app to edit objects from your mobile photos to create stunning, crisp, and beautiful photos.

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TouchRetouch App


How to easily remove objects in photos with TouchRetouch App

  1. Open the TouchRetouch app and choose an image to edit. Select the object removal tool from the main menu. 
  2. Use a brush or the lasso tool to mark the part of the image you would like removed. The lasso tool creates a line around the removable object. After you complete the circle a green overlay will appear. You can use the brush tool or lasso to quickly eliminate any object. The brush tool creates a more rounded section and it may edit out too much of surrounding area of the object. The lasso is more of a detailed pen tool that covers the space within the lines that you draw. It is best to create a closed shape over the whole object. You can see where the brush or lasso is going to edit with the light green overlay over the brushed area. The overlay is where the object will be removed.  
  3. To use the brush tool, use your finger to draw over the content you would like to remove You can adjust the size in the settings option on the bottom right corner of the screen. If you have multiple spots to remove you can mark them and remove them all at the same time. 
  4. To unselect parts that are highlighted but you don’t want to remove use the eraser button.
  5. Zoom in to check the lines to see the brushed area. Then, zoom in to make sure all the object you want to be removed is covered. You can also adjust the size in the settings option. Tap on Go to remove the spots in your image.TouchRetouch Line Edit

Quickly Remove Lines with Touch Retouch App

Sometimes all you need to remove is a powerline or telephone pole from your image. To edit a line, try the line removal tool.

  1. First, you will want to choose the line removal tool from the menu option.  In the TouchRetouch App go under the settings, you can choose the line thickness to thin, medium and thick.
  2. Tap on the line that you would like to be erased. This will erase the line. If you want a longer portion of the line erased draw on the full length of the line to highlight to editing portion.
  3. Once you let go of the highlighted line the app will erase the line. To go back to the last step, tap on the back arrow.

Instantly Remove Small Objects

  1. Tap on the quick repair option from the menu on the bottom of the screen. Next, draw on the areas you would like to quickly remove. As you draw the area will be highlighted.
  2. Instantly, after you let go of the brush the objects will be removed. You can also go into settings to choose the size of the brush.

Remove Multiple Blemishes

Try the blemish remover in the TouchRetouch app if you want to fix simple imperfections on the skin like freckles or pimples. Also, if you have small spots on your camera from dust or other small spots.

  1. To remove blemishes, go under quick repair to find the blemish remover tool on the bottom of the menu bar.
  2. Then go into settings to choose the size. If you are removing skin blemishes you may want to decrease the size from the default size, which is rather large.
  3. Use two fingers to zoom in and tap on the blemishes. The blemishes will instantly remove.

Touch Retouch App Blemishes

Fix Errors with the Clone Stamp

Manually fix and retouch images with the clone stamp. If you want to repair a background or an image use the clone stamp. Often after removing the object from the image, the background may be damaged. You can fix the image using the clone stamp. This tool works by using a portion of another part of the photo to paint over the damaged part of the image.

  1. Choose the clone stamp from the main menu.
  2. Then go into settings to adjust the size, hardness, and opacity.
  3. Next place the source pointer to the spot where you would like to recreate.
  4. Then tap on the location to clone. Begin by brushing the area where you want the cloned content to replace. As you draw the image will copy over the pixels from the other spot.

You can also use the eraser to remove the area that has just been cloned. Lastly, the mirroring tool can be used to create a mirrored image of the cloned area. This works well if you are trying to get buildings or bridges to match.

TouchRetouch App Clone Tool

Summary: TouchRetouch App

The TouchRetouch app is essential if you want to improve your editing. Other apps have similar features but this one is the most user-friendly and fastest to use. It also does a better job removing objects than some of the other apps. To review, you can use this app to remove unwanted items, edit blemishes, and fix errors with the clone stamp. Try it out and let us know in the comments what you think.

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  1. onwere

    how can i reundo what touch re touch coverd

    • Nicole

      Tap on the undo arrow on the top menu

  2. Missymoomoo

    Is there an online touch retouch?

    • Nicole

      So touch retouch is only available in the IOS or Android app.

      • Andy

        Can it smooth bra lines showing through? Can you print full size afterwards?

        • Nicole

          The best way to smooth lines is to use Snapseed and use the healing brush. This Ebook has a very detailed description of how to use the healing brush.
          You can print the image full size afterwords in Touch Retouch. To modify the settings tap export and you can see the actual image size and options.

    • Nicole

      Sorry but TouchRetouch is only available on IOS or Android. They don’t have a desktop or online app for PC. They do have a specific app for a Mac. Click here for the Mac app don’t have a desktop or online app.

  3. Karan Joshi

    Amazing Article And Your Information About remove objects touchretouch app It’s Very Amzing And So Much Helpful For Me. Keep It Up And Thank You Very Much.:)


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