How to Shoot Photos With the Rule of Thirds on Mobile


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June 13, 2018

The rule of thirds is the most basic rule for composition in photography. By using the rule of thirds, you can quickly improve the flow and direction of your photography and create stunning images.

Step 1: How do I use the rule of thirds with horizon lines?

First divide the image in thirds horizontally. Where do the horizontal lines lie? Are they on the top third, middle or bottom? It is more aesthetically pleasing if the lines stay away from the center and are either on the top or the bottom third.  If you are shooting a sunset you want to make sure that the horizontal lines are on either the bottom or top third of the image.  If the horizon line is in the very center then the image may look more flat.

Step 2: How do I use the rule of thirds with vertical lines?

To use the rule of thirds, vertically look at the object in the image and where it is placed. Often times we frame them in the center of the image. This makes it so the eye does not have a journey to discover. You will want to look at the vertical lines and place the object on one of the vertical lines. It is best to place the subject on the left vertical line if the culture reads from left to right. This will create a flow for your eye and it shows direction and movement.

Step 3: Using intersection lines for great composure.

To tie the rule of thirds together, both vertically and horizontally focus on the intersection of the lines. To make the image even more visually pleasing, you will want to place the subjects on the intersection of the lines. Your eyes naturally go to one of the intersection points when they view an image.  By placing the main subject on an intersection point creates balance, flow, and movement.

Rule of thirds Smartphone Photography


INSTRUCTIONS: How to add grid lines on my phone?

Cell phones have made the rule or thirds easier to implement the rules of thirds by adding a grid line feature. This feature is easy to add and takes the difficulty out of using the rule of thirds.

How to add grid lines with my Samsung?

To add Grid Lines the Camera Mode

  1. Tap on Settings and scroll down to Grid Lines.
  2. Tap on the option and there are three options: off, 3×3, and square.
  3. then choose the 3×3 option. The grid lines will automatically come up each time you open the camera mode until you decide to turn it off.

How to add grid lines on my iPhone?

To add a Grid on an iPhone

  1. Go into the the Settings app and tap on the Photo and Camera option.
  2. Toggle on the Grid option
  3. Open up the camera mode to test to see if the gird is on.

Rule Of thirds mobile Photography

QUICK TIPS for the Rule of Thirds:

Divide the horizon line in 3 lines

Place subject vertically on the left or the right side

Place the subject on the intersection points

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