How to Take a Live Photo or Motion Shot on a Mobile Phone?

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August 1, 2018

Taking a motion shot on a mobile phone captures a 1.5 second video of audio both before and after you press the shutter button to take the photo. The shot captured is the still image that was saved when you tapped on the shutter. You can press play to see the 3 second moving image of the before and after of the shot. Live photos show the details that are so important in the before and after of the shot. This tells more of the story of the still image.

Live photos discard all video footage that is 3 seconds or longer. A 1.5 second shot that is taken before and after the shot.  Live view will help you get a great shot of fantastic scenes and people. Here are some tips for when to use the Live Photo feature.

Use live photo when trying to gather the senses of the picture. You can easily capture the sound of rushing water coming from a waterfall or a woodpecker.   Live Photos also help with photographing fidgety children and people. It captures the before and after so you can stay in focus and easily capture a great shot. Do you ever have a hard time getting them to hold still?  Kids are always moving and it is really hard to get a great shot. By using Live Photo you can go back and edit the image to save the best image. Just to note that if you take a shot you will hear the sound when your image is played back.

How to Take a Live Photo or Motion Shot on a Mobile Phone?

On the iPhone start by opening the camera and set the shooting to photo. You can’t do portrait mode and live view at the same time. Tap on the Live Camera icon on the top of the Apple camera app. On an Andorid go to the setting or home screen and turn on the option motion photo. Just remember that every image will take a motion photo and may take up a lot of space on your phone.

Playing Live Images

After you take your image you may want to edit your live photo. You can go into your gallery and see that a separate album for Live Photos is created and your past images are in that folder. Also, see if an image is live by tapping on the screen to see if it has the “LIVE” icon. Try to edit the live photo by tapping on the edit button on an in the top right corner. This gives you options to edit the image.

Editing the Image

There are a few ways to edit the images. You can do the usual editing features, but you can also swipe down and see different effects. These special effects include loop, bounce, and long exposure. The loop feature turns your photo into a continuous loop where it starts at the binning, over and over. This works well if you have someone doing a repetitive activity, like running, hopping, or dancing.

The bounce feature plays it normally and then repeats it backwards. This may be fun if you have a funny joke like pouring water on someone’s head. It may not look great if you have an image of a waterfall. Long exposure creates the slow shutter effects. It takes all the images from the video and overlays them into a single image.  Long exposure works best in scenes what have movement that need to be blurred. Waterfalls and moving car lights look great with the long exposure effect. To do the long exposure effect, you will need a tripod for stable shots.

These tips to shot on a mobile phone photo images will help you take the right shot in the right situation. Try these cool effects for better images.


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