How to Take Better Photos with a Smartphone Camera

Better Photos a Smartphone Camera

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January 29, 2019

It only takes a few new ideas to take better photos with a smartphone camera.  Here are some simple tips that can help you capture fantastic images with your phone.

Control Focus and Exposure

One tip to take better photos with a smartphone camera is to control the exposure. How do you control exposure in a shot? When you take a picture with your phone it naturally sets the exposure,  which is the amount of light that is in the scene. The camera can get the wrong exposure if the scene is very dark or bright. Tap on different areas on your phone to change the exposure. This changes the exposure and lighting of the image.

Better Photos a Smartphone Camera

Good Exposure

Overexposure Smartphone Camera

Bad Exposure

Edit On the Go

One of the benefits of taking pictures on a smartphone camera is being able to edit anywhere. There are many great apps that you can quickly use to edit pictures and then share. One of my favorites is Lightroom CC Mobile. In Lightroom, the depth and scope at which you can edit the light in an image is phenomenal. You can easily adjust the curve of any color. When adjusting the curve in the beginning it may sound complicated, but in Lightroom CC Mobile is very simple once you know some quick terms. Easily adjust the curve for the whole shot or edit individually by the color. You can also edit the exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, and blacks. Play around with these settings  to reset the slider just double tap.

Exploring Add on Lenses

Trying add-on lenses is one of the easiest ways to improve your smartphone camera. Olloclip has the top lenses in the mobile photography industry. For many years the company only made lenses for iPhones. This left many mobile photographers without a place to get high quality lenses. In the last six months, Olloclip created a clip to attach to almost any phone. These lenses make it easier to take fantastic wide angle shots, macro, and telephoto images. They introduced an easy way to swap with any lens through the Connect X Lens System. These lenses work great with all camera apps and are an effective way to take video, time-lapse, and panoramas.

Mobile Photography Category

Share Your Work

There are many places to share pictures online. Always sharing on Instagram and Facebook may get you many likes. Sharing photos on other apps like VSCO, 500px, and eyeem are great places where other photographers meet.


The VSCO editing app has many features that can enhance your mobile photography. The free manual mode and the many editing filters and options create a one of a kind app. This app also includes ways to be inspired and connect to other great photographers. Take some time, even if it is just 5 minutes and give this VSCO Editing App a try.

Edit in VSCO


This photo sharing app is known for sharing high quality photos that are dynamic and tell a fantastic story. You can upload your images to get feedback and likes on your photos. This is a great place to see great photography. Here are some quick tips to take great pictures with your smartphone camera. Try focusing on the exposure, editing, and sharing your photos to get better pictures. To learn more please click on the links below or subscribe to our blog.

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