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November 10, 2017
Objective: Smartphone photography tricks and tips that will help you shoot better images of every moment.

You can go from taking average pictures to taking great shots with a few simple steps. By learning a few new tricks, you can take great pictures in the moment on the go.  Here are 7 tips that will help you take great pictures.Your images will be interesting by using each smartphone photography trick. Here are seven tips that will help you improve all aspects of your smartphone photography.

Clean your Lens

Have you ever taken a selfie and it is blurry or fuzzy and then noticed it was because you didn’t clean off the lens? Do you find your landscape images are blurrier than normal? This is a common mistake and I do it all the time. But the first smartphone photography trick to remember when taking pictures, is to always stop and wipe of then lens, then shoot.  When you are wiping off your lens you can use lens wipes, a cloth, or your clothes.  Lens wipes won’t damage your lens.

Move Closer to Zoom in for Digital Zoom

The second smartphone photography trick is to move closer to zoom in.  Smartphones have a fixed lens which means they do not have a variable focal length. This limits the zoom in features to digital zoom. By using digital zoom, the more you zoom in the more pixelated the image will appear. Therefore, take a few steps closer to your subject, get down and take a great picture. If you have a phone which comes with two lenses you can zoom in with optical zoom. This will help you take close up pictures at a greater distance.

Stabilize Your Shot

Smartphone cameras contain internal image stabilization software, but there will still be camera shake, resulting in blurry images. If you hold your phone with one hand and use the other hand to tap on the screen to take the image, the motion might cause a blurry image. The smartphone photography trick to stabilizing pictures is to hold onto both sides of the phone and use the side button or your thumb to take an image.  Consequently, your images will turn out crisp and clear.

Don’t Just Take a photograph Make it

Getting the right picture is all about taking lots of pictures and planning. You probably have many pictures some are great but most are okay. Taking a great photograph requires that you take the time to create art. That may require getting up early to get the best light or remembering that extra prop. Great smartphone photographers take the time to make great art and to plan.

Where Does your Eye go First?

Another smartphone photography trick is to look at other people’s pictures. When you first look at a picture where do your eyes go? Usually, your eyes look at the center of the image. If there is something bright or out of place it might be a distraction. Take note how your eyes flow as you look at the image. This tip will help the viewer understand your image.

Simplify the Background

Taking great pictures of a subject requires that all the elements are in balance. It may be a great shot but if the background is busy it will be a distraction. You may want to try to get closer to the subject so they fill the frame or change locations.  One example is taking a picture of a child on a playground. The playground can add or distract to the image. With this smartphone photography trick, you might want to try different angles to get the best shot so everything is in balance.

Change Perspective Try Low Angle Photography

Understanding where the horizon line is can help you create better artwork. When you use low angles in photography the horizon line is on the bottom of the image. This smartphone photography trick, brings out the subject and creatively fills the frame. This can show objects being larger to scale than they really are. This can create a sense of awe or authority. Using angles can be a great way to show a sense of scale when taking a landscape. Adding people or animals can show the scale of a vast mountain.

Try 7 New Smartphone Photography Tricks

By using these smartphone photography tricks and tips your images will improve. Your images will be interesting and thought-provoking as you take the time to change perspective, notice the background, and stabilize your shot.



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