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Snapseed Editing Tricks

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January 23, 2019

Here are some Snapseed editing tricks that are easy to use. Snapseed has 13 filters that are easy to use and can add a great touch to your image. Get creative by adding an HDR, or grunge filter. Add one or more filters to get a fantastic image. Here is a detailed explanation on how to use Snapseed filters.

HDR Scape

The HDR Scape filter adds a high dynamic range feature to your image. HDR stands for High dynamic range. It works to create a balance between dark shadows and bright highlights creating better images. This filter brings out the shadows and enhances the details and highlight. It creates often images that look full of life texture and slightly dreamy. Too much of the HDR scape filter can make the image look unreal.  The controls on this filter include: filter strength, brightness, and saturation. When opening this filter the first time the filter strength is automatically set to +50 which is strong. I suggest setting the filter to about +10.

The HDR scape filter also has filter settings that can be used in different photography settings: nature, people, fine and strong. Tap on the card deck icon to see the filter options. By choosing the right filter setting for the scene you can use this Snapseed editing trick to create a HDR Scape without over editing the image.

Snapseed editing trick

Glamour Glow

Getting a warm soft image  can sometimes be hard to do but with this Snapseed editing trick it is easy to add glamor glow. This filter will take away the effects of harsh light and will create a smooth image. You can change the glow, saturation, and warmth of the image. Swipe right to or left to adjust these features. To adjust the glow, slide right to increase the degree of softening. To increase or decrease the vibrance of the colors adjust the saturation,  slide right or left to adjust the warmth and add a more warm or cool tone] to the image. I like to use this look on fall photos to add a glowing effect.

Tonal Contrast

This filter is one of the best ways to alter the tones and contrast in subtle ways. You can enhance fine shadows, highlights and contrasts with more exposure control. Swipe vertically to access the editing options, then swipe left or right to adjust the image. The editing options include: high tones, mid tones, low tones, protect highlights and shadows. This is one of my favorite Snapseed editing tricks . In this filter you can easily control the changes so it enhances the image without over-editing.

  • High tones- adjust the highlights on the image by adding more or less contrast.
  • Mid tones- affect the middle gray tones in the image.
  • Low tones- add more or less contrast to the shadows.
  • Protect Shadows- keeps the detail in the shadows after contrast in the low tones in adjusted.
  • Protect Highlights- keeps the detail in the highlights when the high tones are increased.Snapseed Editing App


To create an image that pops from a dramatic look this is the perfect filter. Try this filter to create artistic effects and enhancement. You can tap to choose different filter settings from drama, bright and dark. Then, to adjust the filter strength or saturation slide left or right. 

Snapseed editing tricks Cell Phone


If you like the way old photos and videos look from the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s this is one of the perfect Snapseed editing tricks for you. To add a nostalgic feel you can tap on the  card deck iconto choose the color settings. Add vignette blur to the image by tapping on the blur on/off button . If the icon has a slash across the icon it means the blur is off. Slide vertically on the image to open the editing options, these include brightness, saturation, style strength, and vignette strength.

  • Brightness- will lighten or darken the image.
  • Saturation- will enhance the vibrance in the image
  • Style Strength- will adjust the effect on that style
  • Vignette Strength- will darken the edges to create a vintage vibe.  Snapseed Editing Mobile Phone

Grainy Film

Use Grainy film to create a look that feels like you are shooting on film. Tap on the card deck icon to choose the grain style and feel you prefer.  You can also adjust the grain or style strength by swiping vertically.

  • Grain- When adding the grain a 0 will make sure that no grain is added.
  • Style Strength- will adjust the effect on that styleSnapseed Editing Tricks App


To create a retro image with scratches, light leaks, and film styles use this filter. Add a look, by tapping on the card deck icon . Select random options with the same style by tapping on the style icon. The menu enhancements include:  Brightness, saturation, contrast, style strength, scratches, and light leaks.

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To get a grungy look and feel choose a texture and the texture style in the thumbnail.  Tap on the two arrow icon for the texture to placed randomly. This brings us the style option and you can slide through 1500 variations. Tap on the edit menu to choose the style, brightness, contrast, texture, and saturation. Adding the grundge filter is one of the most creative Snapseed editing tricks.

Black and white

To quickly create black and white images tap on the card deck icon to choose the black and white preset. Tap on the color filter icon to represent shooting shoot a colored filter. To adjust the brightness, contrast and grain by swiping vertically and horizontally.Mobile Apps Snapseed


If you want to create black and white images that look cinematic or are with darkroom-inspired tones and washed looks use Noir. Tap on the card deck icon to select the Noir style. The adjustment menu includes: brightness, wash, grain, and filter strength. The wash effect applies dynamic shadows and highlights that look like over-processing a print in a dark room. Getting cinematic black and white pictures is one of the easiest Snapseed editing tricks,

Lens Blur

Create lens blur by choosing linear or elliptical focus . Pinching with two fingers to adjust the size, shape, and rotation of the focus. Tap on the card deck option to choose the shape of the highlights.  Easily, enhance the image with menu adjustments. You can alter the blur strength, transition swipe, and vignette strength. The transition swipe increases or decrease the amount of fade between the focused and blurred areas.Snapseed Editing


Add a darker or lighter tint around your image with the vignette filter. You can choose to increase or decrease the outer brightness and inner brightness by swiping right or left.

Snapseed Tricks


Fun borders can be very easy to add to your image as a finishing touch. Tap on the frame option to choose a style. Slide right or left to choose the size of the border. Frames will not alter the image size or resolution.

Use these  Snapseed editing tricks to create great images that anyone can use. See our additional Snapseed tutorials below to learn more about how to use this app.

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