Snapseed Tutorial 2019- How to use Healing, Brushes, and Selective Edits

Snapseed Tutorial

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January 16, 2019

In this Snapseed Tutorial we will cover editing tools that will help you make any image look great. This article will cover how to use selective edits on specific areas. It will address how to use brushes and healing to fix small imperfections in your shot. This post is a portion of a three part series on how to use the Snapseed editing app.

Selective Editing

Begin by tapping on the selective editing option in the tools section. Once you are in the editing screen,  tap on the part of the image that needs area specific editing. You will see a blue B” icon appear. The icon is only blue when you are editing that area, otherwise it is white. In selective editing you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and structure.

With the first tap you can easily adjust the brightness by sliding right and left. Look to the top of the app and see the increase or decrease of brightness on the slider. To adjust the other features, tap below the letter and slide your finger up and down. You will see the first letter of the the feature you are editing for (B) brightness, (C) contrast, (S)saturation, and (S)structure. You can stop on that letter and adjust the image for that area.

To increase or decrease the size of the selective edit,  pinch out or in to see a highlighted red circle. You can adjust the size depending on the area you need to edit on the image. To add an additional selective editing location, tap on the plus sign on the bottom left side. Tap on the checkmark to save your image. Now you can quickly edit any section in this image as mentioned in this Snapseed tutorial.

Snapseed Tutorial

Brush Tool

The brush tool allows you to paint on different effects in only the desired area on your image. The first brush option is dodge and burn. This feature gently lightens and darkens areas of the image where the brush tool was used. The term dodge and burn comes from an old darkroom photo editing and retouching technique. The process included lightening and darkening small specific portions of the image. To lighten or darken the image, press the up or down arrow. Next, adjust the exposure by increasing or decreasing with the arrows. You can do the same thing to the temperature and the saturation in regions of the image.

Snapseed Tutorial Brushes


The next step in our Snapseed tutorial is how to use the healing tool. The healing tool is the way to remove unwanted objects from your image. To retouch your image, tap on the section you would like removed. You will see that area replaced by a part of the surrounding region. The healing tool in Snapseed does not allow you to choose the exact location of the area being replaced, so it may take a little bit of practice.

In this Snapseed Tutorial we discussed tools that can be used for editing specific regions of an image. You can easily make selective edits to any part of your image. Use the brush tool to increase exposure and to touch up different areas on your shot. Eliminate bushes, trees, signs, and other miscellaneous items from your image with the healing tool. Please check out these posts and the learn section for more information about mobile photography.

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