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April 16, 2020

Which is the best photo editor Snapseed vs PicsArt? What makes one app better than the other. Snapseed and PicsArt both have their strengths and it is hard to compete. Snapseed has been around since 2012 and PicsArt has a faster way to edit photos. Both apps are available on IOS and Android for free. PicsArt does have a paid version whereas Snapseed is completely free. Snapseed is also owned by Google. Here is an in-depth comparison describing why different features may make it the best photo editor for your picture.

Snapseed Features

Snapseed is one of the best photo editors for mobile users. With many professional editing features, it quickly became a hit. The tools create outstanding edits comparable to professional image editing software. Try Snapseed when you want to edit and save any image. Opt for quick editing by choosing filter settings or adjust any aspect of your photo with tools. With 29 tools, you can adjust color, white balance, lens blur and much more. Use healing brushes to remove unwanted objects like signs from landscapes. Save custom looks and apply them to new photos for faster editing. Selectively choose specific areas to edit brightness, contrast, and saturation in the image.

Pro-level Editing Tools

The first step to editing an image in Snapseed is to tune the image. By following this step you can enhance the overall appearance and quality of the image. The first icon is a graph looking icon on the lower left side of the image, tap this to show a histogram. The editing tool includes adjusting the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance, highlights, shadows, and warmth.

View and Fix Edits

One of the best features in the Snapseed photo editor is the option to View Edits and adjust them like layers in Photoshop. Tap on the layer icon with an arrow icon on the top navigation bar. Then tap on view edits. Up pops a list of all the edits you made. Tap on each edit to toggle through the edits you made. Press on the arrow on the left side to open the editing options for that filter. You can choose to delete the filter, add that filter with a paintbrush to specific areas or edit the image again. This is a way to prevent over-editing and make little changes to your image.

Selective Editing

Begin by tapping on the selective editing option in the tools section. Once you are in the editing screen, tap on the part of the image that needs specific editing. You will see a blue “B” icon appear. The icon is only blue when you are editing that area, otherwise, it is white.
With the first tap, adjust the brightness by sliding right and left. Increase or decrease of brightness on the slider on top. To adjust the other features, tap below the letter and slide your finger up and down. You will see the first letter of the feature you are editing for (B) brightness, (C) contrast, (S)saturation, and (S)structure.

Snapseed Mobile Photography

Brush Tool

The brush tool allows you to paint on different effects in only the desired area on your image. The first brush option is dodge and burn. This feature gently lightens and darkens areas of the image where the brush tool was used. The term dodge and burn is the process of lightening and darkening specific portions of the image. To lighten or darken the image, press the up or down arrow. Next, adjust the exposure by increasing or decreasing with the arrows. You can do the same thing to the temperature and the saturation in regions of the image.


The healing tool is the way to remove unwanted objects from your image. To retouch your image, tap on the section you would like removed. You will see that area replaced by a part of the surrounding region. The healing tool in Snapseed does not allow you to choose the exact location of the area being replaced, so it may take a little bit of practice.

PicsArt Features

PicsArt is one of the best photo editor apps. You can add thousands of different filters, effects, and stickers to your images. Then share your pictures quickly and easily with friends. PicsArt is a free app you can download for IOS and Andorid. There is an additional in-app paid “gold” feature which is a part of the premium plan which costs $55.99 a year or $7.99 a month.

PicsArt Best Photo Editor

Advanced Filters and Effects

One of the best ways to create photo effects in this editor is to add filters. There are over 10 categories of filters with so many filters to choose from. Choose from simple color edits to alter the image to look like an oil painting. Try the abstract photo filter to add various distortions making the image look pixelated. Add a blur effect with over six different blurring options.

If the filter you added is too strong you can double-tap on the filter and slider options will appear under the image and you’ll be able to slide right (increase) or left (decrease) the filter strength. Under the slider, you’ll see that there are options to change the filter color by switching from normal to multiply, color burn. Keep sliding right to see more options.

PicsArt Photo Editor

Create Stickers

Add a sticker to your image to add excitement to a story. Tap on the sticker icon to choose from the hashtag list for trending stickers or tap on the search option to find a related sticker. To create your own sticker tap on the cut-out option. Tap on the bottom person icon to create an outline. Once the outline is created then the recommended brushed area will appear. Tap on the erase button to refine the outline of the image. To outline the selected cutout area tap one the line icon. Then draw where you would like to create the outline. This will create a red brush effect. Tap on the arrow in the top right corner to apply the effect.

Advanced Text Features

First, choose the font, tap on the up arrow to see the fonts in the main screen. To see fonts in action, slide left to right to see the sample. Increase the size slide on the double arrow icon on the main screen to create a bigger font. Create text in two lines to tap on the line icon at the end of the text.

Next, adjust the color by choosing the color under the color menu setting. Choose a color from the list or tap on the rainbow circle icon to customize the color. Tap on the eyedropper to choose a color from the image. A bulls-eye will appear and where you move the dropper the color will change to the area with the center dot. After you have selected the color, you can edit the gradient to show two colors. Add some excitement by adding texture and patterns to your image. If you want to add an additional image in the text tap on the photo icon. Then you can add a photo from your library. To enhance your text add a stroke, adjust the opacity and blend.

Edit Like Text a Pro With PicsArt

Get Creative with Brushes


Brushes are one of the best ways to edit like a pro with PicsArt. Get creative by brushing on color, glitter, hearts, rainbows, stars, and flowers. This is a great way to make a picture of your BFF more fun and exciting. There are endless possibilities for adding a fun touch to your images with a variety of brush options.

Add a Border

Borders can add a finished touch to your pictures. To edit like a pro in PicsArt tap on the border option to choose the inner and outer border. Next, tap on the color to select a custom color. Then adjust the slider right and left to increase or decrease the outer and inner border. Then adjust the opacity. To create a round border in the inner border tap on the outside menu option on the bottom. Then choose the rounded corner radius to create a rounded border.

Snapseed vs PicsArt Conclusion

Snapseed and PicsArt are one of the best photo editor apps and are useful for different purposes. I prefer using Snapseed if I am doing a technical editing photo. The tools for Snapseed are more robust and you can make subtle edits. PicsArt has a simplified toolbox for editing which makes the app easy and fun to use. PicsArt works well if you want to add a creative touch through filters, stickers, brushes, and text. You can create endless possibilities with PicsArt. Snapseed is a great app to remove or edit selective areas in a photo. Both of these apps are a great resource for photo editing.

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Give those tips a read, and you’ll be ready with new hacks and tips to help you make the most of your phone’s camera. See our photos on Instagram at @picxtrix.



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