Creative Ways to Save Summer Memories on Your Phone

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September 12, 2018

It is easy to save and share your summer memories on your phone. Here are some creative ideas to remember the great moments throughout the year.  Digital images pictures get lost in the endless clutter.  Therefore, It is so valuable to share those memories with those you love.  Here are some ways I have found to save my summer memories.

Google Photos

Google photos is one of the greatest ways to save summer memories on your phone. You can create your own album and easily share it with friends. They can browse through every image of your vacation. Google is now using AI technology to automatically create albums, collages, movies, and stylized photos. Creating an album easy with this feature and is usually categorized by the date or location. Easily share videos with others and edit it adding music.

Google photos summer

Quickly Print Summer Memories on Your Phone

Saving and sharing summer memories on your phone is as easy as a click. So many pictures are taken each day but they just stay on our phones and are not enjoyed. The beauty of printed pictures is almost a lost art. Recently, there have been some companies that have made it easier to keep memories alive.

Polaroid zip summer memories

Polaroid Zip

Now saving memories just got easier with the Polaroid Zip Instant Printer for mobile phones. You can take pictures anywhere and instantly print in under 60 seconds. You can print and share with friends and family. Print the image on sticker paper for easy photo sharing and saving. With the Polaroid mobile app you can add borders, filters, text, and stickers to give your image a personalized touch.

Download the app to crop, add stickers, create templates and edit your images. Polaroid Zip mobile photo printer is compact. It fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to get prints anywhere, with Bluetooth or NFC technology you can print directly from for phone or tablet in 60 seconds. The ZINK, Zero Ink photo paper prints each image on high quality smudge-proof, water resistant, and tear resistant paper. This printer is easy to use and each image is printed on sticker paper that is easy to save.

Create a Memory Book

Creating a memory book and saving your summer memories used to take hours. Now it can be very quick and save you a lot of time. Chatbooks is one of the ways that I save my memories quickly. Upload images from Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos, or another source. Choose the images you want included in your book by a simple tap. Add own cover from a picture or purchase a designer cover for $2-4. Put the title of the event on the binding of the book. Also, purchase volumes if you have a lot of pictures. Chatbooks is easy to use and you can save and share your images really quickly to create lasting memories.

Ways to save summer memories

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