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March 4, 2020

In taking good mobile pictures, it is important to know the rules and then eventually break them. Here are some guidelines that will help you explore new ways to take photos. When beginning mobile photography, there are so many rules and it can, be hard to remember them all. Take a moment to read this article and just try a tip or two. Then come back for another tip after you have mastered it.

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1- Rule of Thirds

Step 1: How do I use the rule of thirds with horizon lines?

First, divide the image into thirds horizontally. Where do the horizontal lines lie? Are they on the top third, middle or bottom? It is more aesthetically pleasing if the lines stay away from the center and are either on the top or the bottom third. If you are shooting a sunset you want to make sure that the horizontal lines are on either the bottom or top third of the image. If the horizon line is in the very center then the image may look more flat.

Step 2: How do I use the rule of thirds with vertical lines?

To use the rule of thirds, vertically look at the object in the image and where it is placed. Often times we frame them in the center of the image. This makes it so the eye does not have a journey to discover. You will want to look at the vertical lines and place the object on one of the vertical lines. It is best to place the subject on the left vertical line if the culture reads from left to right. This will create a flow for your eye and it shows direction and movement.

Step 3: Using intersection lines for great composure.

To tie the rule of thirds together, both vertically and horizontally focus on the intersection of the lines. To make the image even more visually pleasing, you will want to place the subjects on the intersection of the lines. Your eyes naturally go to one of the intersection points when they view an image. Placing the main subject on an intersection point creates balance, flow, and movement.

Rule of thirds Smartphone Photography

2- Focus on the Foreground to Bring Depth

Focus on the foreground to lead the viewer into the photo. With this technique, you can quickly grab the viewer’s attention. The background can bring greater depth and meaning to the image. If you are taking a sunset photo or a landscape shot take a moment to position your phone for different compositions and then shoot using foreground elements.

3- Create Frame Within a Frame

To add visual interest, add a frame within a frame. To do this you’ll use an object to create a frame of an object. This leads the viewer to instantly notice and recognize the main subject in the photo. Frames are used to add interest in a mobile shot. Frames can be around the whole subject or can be covering a small section of the photo. Try a few mobile pics to get the best mobile shots.


4- Explore Shapes and Geometry

Shapes are everywhere and perfect to capture in photography. When searching for great photos look at the shapes of buildings or nature. Can you see any triangles, squares, or circles that would complete the image? Use the shapes as the main object in the image. Look at patterns to create better shapes. To enhance the composition find an image with three of the same shapes with different sizes. This could be three triangles in different sizes. Take a moment to explore the vast options of using shapes to enhance your photography.

Mobile Photography Beautiful Landscape Photos

5- Repeating Items

Organization and synchronicity can bring order and purpose to a photo. Taking a picture where the item is repeated over sends a clear message of the photo. Create a frame using repeated objects adding more depth to the photo. Try taking a photo of columns in a gigantic hallway, trees, or windows.

6- Make Sure the Horizon and the Person Don’t Intersect

To take good mobile pictures, you want to limit distractions. It is natural when taking a horizon shot of people to place the head right through the center of the horizon line. This creates a distraction for the viewer and takes away from the beauty of the photo. When taking the photo angle the photo so that the person is below the horizon line.

Pose For a Good Selfie


Everyone is a photographer with phones but learning the basic rules for taking good mobile pictures can be a struggle. In review here are some tips that will help you become a better mobile photographer. First, use the rule of thirds for better photos instantly. Then get creative as you focus on the foreground, frame the shot or explore shapes and repeating items. Lastly, remember to make sure the horizon and person don’t intersect.

Take a minute to try these tips to become a great smartphone photographer. Want more inspiration? Here are some additional resources that can help you:

Give those tips a read and you’ll be ready with new hacks and tips to help you make the most of your phone’s camera. See our photos on Instagram at @picxtrix.

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