The 10 Best Photo Editor Apps for Android 2019

Best Photo Editor Apps Android

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June 11, 2019

It is tough to know which is the best photo editor app for Android. We’ve tested and tried many apps, and these are ones that are worth using. Here are essential and well-known apps that will help you create better photos. These apps include features from advanced editing to adding light flares and text. There are many apps that we have not included in the list due to the vast number of great editing apps. Here are the best photo editor apps for Android that are currently available. Some of these you may have heard of before, but some may be new.

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Photo Director Best Photo Editor Apps Android

Try the Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

Photo Director

Available for Android | Free

Best for: Adding special effects and tools to adjust your image tone or saturation.

Photo Director is one of the best photo editing apps for Android. This app includes resizing images and editing backgrounds. You can also increase the saturation or white balance in an image. The camera editor gives you many photo filters to add instant effects. With one touch add a lens flare or create light leaks. You can also choose to apply an effect to specific areas in your pictures. Personalize your image by adding text and stickers. Lastly, share your photos on Instagram with creative filters.

Photo Director Special Features

  • Picture Retouch: Enhance the color by adjusting HSL sliders and RGB color settings
  • Effects: Apply photo effects to a specific area or to the whole image
  • Live Photo Effects: Add effects to your photo as you take your pictures.

Photo Editor Best Photo Editor Apps Android

Photo Editor Pro

Available for Android | Free

Best for: Adding filters, frames, color splash, and effects to your photos

Photo Editor Pro transforms photos with advanced photo editing tools. Add a color splash or add text to your image to create your own meme. Combine multiple photos in a photo collage. Choose from various fun stickers and gorgeous frames.

Photo Editor Pro Special Features

  • One-tap auto enhance: Spend less time editing your photo by using the auto enhance feature
  • Photo Collage: Combine photos and get create patterns with many custom collage templates
  • Create your own memes: Add text, stickers, and filters to create a funny meme

Pixlr Best Photo Editor Apps Android


Available for Android | Free

Best for: Add seamless photo effects, overlays, and filters with two million

Due to the vast array of filters, effects, and overlays is Pixlr is one of the best photo editing apps for Android. You can create over 2 million different combinations. This app is functional and easy to use. Create a double exposure with extensive overlay options and many variations of frames. Experiment with many overlays that can be manipulated to add awesome effects. Freely, enhance selfies by removing blemishes, red-eye, or soften skin with simple tools. Try these features and many more with this editing app.

Pixlr Special Features

  • Double Exposures: Combine two images to create a double exposure with layers.
  • Stylize your photo: Add cool effects by adding a pencil sketch or watercolor filter.
  • Color splash effect: Bring out the color and adjust the focal blur to any image

Toolwiz Best Photo Editor Apps Android

Toolwiz Photos

Available for Android | Free

Best for: Great for all in one photo editing. Try the AI based face features and photo decorator

Toolwiz includes the perfect color toolkit for adjusting the tone. This includes the ability to change the brightness/ exposure/ and saturation. Other features for tone include color level and temperature. Add a soft smudge filter, Also change the underwater filters, or defog an image. Adjust the image for underexposure. Add and HDR or night effect to your photo. Use filters to create moods with over 100+ different filters. Some filters include landscape, portrait, vintage, art, and duo. Enhance face features by adding auto makeup, face swap, and beauty score based on AI. This app will keep you busy for hours. If you take some time on Toolwiz photo app you will find it is one of the best photo editing apps for your Android.

Toolwiz Special Features

  • Photo Decorator: Add text or a decal, frames, and stickers to decorate your photo
  • AI-Based Face Features: Add auto makeup, face swap or beauty score on any selfie
  • Slide show: Create a beautiful slideshow by adding music from 100+ songs

AirBrush Best Photo Editor Apps Android


Available for Android | Free

Best for: Editing portraits and selfies

Airbrush is the perfect editing app to create the best selfies on your Android. Create natural and beautiful portraits with these simple tools. Remove blemishes or pimples with easy to use brushes. Instantly whiten teeth and brighten eyes without making the image look fake. Perfect the skin with a few swipes so you look naturally radiant. Reshape your photo to add an elegant look. Add a background blur to focus on what matters most. Try these tools to create beautiful selfies every day.

Airbrush Special Features

  • Natural Beauty: Improve beauty by adjusting skin tone, whitening teeth, and erasing blemishes.
  • Add depth: Add an image blur to the background of your photo to create a more focused shot
  • Artistic retouching features: Slim or tune with an artistic touch with beauty features.

Canva Best Photo Editor Apps Android


Available for Android | Free

Best for: Quick and easy graphic design and social media posting

Canva makes image design and photo design fun and easy. You don’t need to be a design expert to add beautiful text to your image. With this editing app for Android, you can create the best stories and images for social media. With Canva you can either choose to create a design from scratch or use a ready-made design. Try creating the best graphics designed images with this photo editor for Android.  You can choose from over 60,000 free templates and quick add text, logos or images to your design. Change the font, size, color, and spacing, and add text like a pro. If your image is underexposed or needs some slight editing, you can edit it in the image editor. Canva is an excellent resource for editing photos and creating graphic designed posters.

Canva Special Features

  • Ready-to-use designs: Add an image and choose from a template to create a great image.
  • Add text to photos: Customize text on a photo. Choose from over 500 font options.
  • Social Media: Use sized templates for Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram posts or stories.

Prisma Best Editing App

Prisma Photo Editor

Available for Android | Free | Optional: monthly subscription $4.99, annual $19.99

Best for: Transforming your photos into a painted look and feel. Choose your favorite style.

Prisma Photo Editor is one of the top editing apps for Android. It is “Google’s Editors choice” apps for enhancing creativity and expression. Use your photo to add filters that look like it is a painting by Picasso. You can choose from many artistic styles in the art library. Prima has the largest collection of artistic styles compared to other apps. They add new art filters daily.

Prisma Special Features

  • Artistic Styles: Try over 300 art styles with the largest collection of art styles to choose from.
  • Creators community: Join the community to share your art. Find beautiful pictures created by other artists.
  • New filters daily: See what new editing options there are with new art filters added daily.


Available for Android | Free |

Best for: Creating photo collages, and adding text or clip art

PicsArt has over 100 million monthly active users and is a great app to edit and share photos. PicsArt’s is all about making photo editing fun by remixing photos into collages and memes. Try the drawing tools, add effects, text or stickers to any photo. The collage maker includes 100’s of free templates for grid style and freestyle collages. PicsArt lets you style your grid with templated collages or freestyle arrangements. Then share your photo with your friends on social media. Get and create custom stickers from others’ collections or create your own.

PicsArt Special Features

  • Collage maker- Try one of the 100s of free templates to create a custom collage.
  • Sticker Maker and Clipart- Experiment by creating and sharing your own custom stickers.
  • Drawing- Doodle on any image with custom brushes and layers.

Foodie Best Editing App


Available for Android | Free |

Best for: Taking and editing pictures of food at home or out and about

The Foodie Camera app is vital if you enjoy gourmet food and want to share the experience with your friends. Create the perfect memory of each mouth-watering bite on your phone. Choose from over 30 filters that are specifically created to enhance the image of food. Test out the view of each filter with the live filters.

Foodie Special features

  • Food Enhancing Filters: Choose from 30 filters including picnic, fresh, BBQ, and crispy
  • Smart Guide: Shoot top-down photos with an accurate smart guide.

Snapseed Best Editing App


Available for Android | Free

Best for: Complete and professional with over 30+ tools for photo editing

Snapseed is one of the best editing apps for Android mobile users. With many professional editing features, it quickly became a hit. It was originally produced by Nik Software but was sold to Google in 2012. The tools help you create outstanding edits. Try Snapseed when you quickly want to edit and save any image. Opt for quick editing by choosing filter settings or adjust any aspect of your photo with tools. With 29 tools, you can adjust color, white balance, lens blur and much more.

Snapseed Special Features:

  • Healing brushes to remove unwanted objects like signs from a landscape
  • Perspective- Fix slanted lines and adjust the geometry of horizons or buildings
  • Save custom looks and apply them to new photos for faster editing
  • Selectively choose specifics areas to edit brightness, contrast, and saturation in the image

Adobe Lightroom Best Editing App


Available for Android | Free | Optional: Monthly Subscription $9.99

Best for: Editing images to refine and tweak colors to make the photo pop

Lightroom CC is one of the best photo editor apps for photographers on Android. Lightroom enables you to create stunning photos and edits seamlessly. Although the desktop is very robust, there are many advances edits you can do for free on your phone. If you like the app, you can always choose to upgrade to the pro version with extra features.

Lightroom Special Features:

  • Color Mixer: Adjust the individual color by hue, saturation, and luminance
  • Presets: Adjust and create presets to make changes with a single touch and use on later edits
  • Pro-Level camera: Shoot in raw and adjust manual mode with unique camera controls

Final Tips: Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

In closing, you have learned a lot of information about what is the best photo editor app is for android. Each app has a different purpose, so you may want to try a few of the app suggestions. Snapseed is very versatile and is recommended apps as one of the best photo editor apps. Try Lightroom, if you want to edit images to refine and tweak colors to make the photo pop. PicsArt is an excellent option if you want to create photo collages, and adding text or clip art. Use Canva to create quick and easy graphic designs and seamless social media posting. These editing apps will help you create the best photos that you can share on social media, print or save. Try these apps, and let us know in the comments what is your favorite and why.

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