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VSCO Editing App

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April 5, 2018

The VSCO editing app has many features that can enhance your mobile photography.  The free manual mode and the many editing filters and options create a one of a kind app. This app also includes ways to be inspired and connect to other great photographers. Take some time even if it is just 5 min and give this VSCO Editing App a mobile photos

Explore VSCO Editing App

The explore section is where you can see the amazing photographs of others. If you tap on the icon you will instantly be lead to your home page or the explore page. You will see a feed of friends and people you follow of the new images that people have posted. By tapping on the search icon you can hashtags of topics you can browse to get ideas. Underneath the search icon there are three headings, Search, Images, and Journal. Search allows you to search for a specific people, images, or journal. A journal is an article telling the story of the image or giving tips on how to take better photographs.

Tap on the double face icon to find more people to join your community. They have a suggested category that shows photographers who have a similar style to previous images you have followed. This is a great way to connect to other photographers and get an idea of the many styles of photography. Next the VSCO editing app shows you who you are following and who is following you.

Best Editing App


VSCO is a great resource if you want to take better pictures.  The VSCO camera provides additional manual mode options and is free. In manual mode it is easy to shoot in raw. RAW files are not compressed so you’re able to create higher quality images. JPG images are compressed and some of the image information is lost. The other features can help you improve your mobile photographs.

8 ways you can shoot in manual mode

  1. RAW
  2. Grid- 9 square and horizontal and vertical overlay
  3. Flash settings,
  4. Exposure compensation
  5. White balance
  6. Manual focus
  7. ISO settings
  8. Tap screen shutter release control

Edit in VSCO


This app allows you to edit an image you took in the cam or import an image. You can choose from ten free filters. Then continue editing with the countless editing features. It includes 18 different ways to edit your image. I like to use the shadows tint and highlight tint because those features are not on other apps like Instagram or Snapseed. You can also create recipes which saves past filters and edits.

  1. Exposure
  2. Contrast
  3. Straighten
  4. Crop
  5. X-and Y Skew
  6. Sharpen
  7. Clarity
  8. Saturation
  9. Highlights
  10. Shadows
  11. Temperature
  12. Tint
  13. Skin Tone
  14. Vignette
  15. Grain
  16. Fade
  17. Shadows Tint
  18. Highlights Tint


You can shop for new filters, presets, or subscribe for a year. Subscription for a year is $19.95 and you will get over 100 new filters, advanced controls for better precision and more personalization. These advanced controls include strength, character and warmth.


To share your images tap the upload icon on your edited image. Then you can easily publish to VSCO. Add a caption and hashtags for viewers to see your post.  By tapping on the smile icon on the bottom right you can see your profile with your uploaded images. You can also add a Journal entry or a collection.



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