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May 15, 2019

Why do you take mobile photos? This is one question I ask myself a lot. I think back to how it all got started.  It was simple to learn mobile photography as a new years resolution for one hour a week. Now, I share my love for taking mobile photos with others.

Sometimes everyone can get caught up in the mentality of taking the perfect photo to show off on social media. It is easy to get caught into a rut, but there are many additional benefits. Recently, I have reflected on some deeper reasons why I do mobile photography. As I share why I take photos with a phone, I hope we can connect on a deeper level.

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Why Mobile Photos

Convey Your Identity

Photos are of so much worth. An image is a way to capture a person, identity, emotions, and personality. When you take a mobile photo, you capture that experience and share who you are. With mobile phones so accessible, you can share your favorite places with people you love; This is a way to connect. Sharing is a way to show our values and our options through an image. On social media, we can share our friendships and relationships with others.

How to flower Photos with Phone

Sharing Mobile Photos Creates Joy

One of the ways to feel a boost of happiness is to share a photo or an experience. Have you ever been on a vacation and then shared your photos with friends? How did you feel? I usually feel great after returning from a vacation and wish I was somewhere else when I am sitting at home. The pictures of the trip give me a positive boost and help me remember the great things that happened.

Keep Memories Alive

So do you find old family pictures fascinating? I do. What were they wearing during that time period? What were they thinking when the picture was taken? Pictures from the past are invaluable. They are rare and were hard to take. I love history and these pictures show me more about the past. I can see the emotion of my great grandmother or my grandpa playing his beloved violin.

Pictures from the past capture the moment as it is. The background may tell the history of the time. What did the city or car look like at that time? As you reflect on the value of photography, think of the past. Photography has to lead us to define ourselves throughout history.
Photography has significant value to the story of our past. With mobile photography, we are able to visually journal our lives. Photos of the past leave a legacy for the future.

Mobile Photos Past

See the World with New Eyes

We are visual beings. We transmit information through images. That is why photos are so powerful. A team of MIT neuroscientists found that about 90 Percent of information is visual and images can be processed in milliseconds. This is why when you see an image, it is easier to remember the word.

Photography has a way to view different perspectives. A slight change in angle can make a better image. You don’t have to go on expensive vacations or to a tropical beach to take great pictures with your phone. You have to look around and open your eyes. Mobile photography makes it so that any spot is a photo shot. Some of the best shots are taken at home or close by. You don’t have to travel across the world to get great photos.

Phone Street Photography Tutorial

Tell a Story

We are visual people, and photos tell stories. The saying is “a picture is worth a thousand words” can be true. Details tell the story that can be captured with photography, telling a history of that person or moment. Iconic images of the heroism after September 11th taught us to look back onto who we are as a nation. Stories are what we capture when we take a picture.

Feel Emotion

Emotion is one of the best ways to use mobile photography. That can be the joy of a baby, or someone crying, the face of fear or excitement. All these emotions are little glimpses into humanity and who we are. One example is the Humans of New York website which captures people with raw emotion. The photos are well done but show an honest tone.

Street Photography Tip

Enhance our Creativity

Every time you take mobile photos, you are creating something. You are capturing something and creating an image that will be stuck in the time of that moment.

Humans are created to build, imagine, and to create something. It enhances our joy and improves our well being. We are happier when we create something. Taking pictures requires us to plan and think through the process. Then to capture that image. We have to think creatively as we work with color, light, and emotion. These factors and many others build our creativity as we take pictures.

Why Cell Phone Photos

Belong and Connect with Others

We all feel that we need to be part of something or belong. Our need for connectedness is a way to become closer to others. Photography has existed for years as a way to share our connection to each other. Polaroid pictures could instantly print, and you could share that photo with anyone.

Social media can be good and bad. It is a way we can connect with others. Social media was created so we could share and connect faster with family and friends. We could share our lives with others and connect. Sharing brought validation and connection. Sharing our mobile photography is a way we can connect with others.

Social media is a tool, but if we watch and compare ourselves to others, then we are not contributing. It can be scary to share your photos on social media. Try and share the picture you take even if they are not perfect. This is the fastest way to improve and get feedback.

Increase Engagement in Activities

Experiences are important to being happy and having a positive well being. A study about satisfaction during experiences shows the positive effects of photography. The study has shown that taking pictures at an event can enhance our enjoyment. When taking pictures, we can be more engaged and present in the event.

Mobile Photos Olloclip

Live in the Moment

Mindfulness has found a way into our lives, but it is hard to put in place with so many distractions. Staying present with so much going on can be challenging. Taking a moment to take a photo is a way to stop and focus on what you are doing. Mobile photography requires that you focus and are present, which will give you a boost of energy.


I wanted to share with you why I value taking mobile photos and hope that you enjoy taking photos too. Recently there has been some negative light on the excessive use of social media in our society. As photographers, we can use social media as a tool to help us improve, to get ideas, and to connect with others. When researching this topic I found that mobile photos can improve your happiness. We can keep memories alive, enhance our creativity and tell a story. Lastly, even the act of taking a picture can help us enjoy the moment better and keep a lasting memory.

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